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Why Aluminium Shutters Beat them All

It can be argued that aluminium shutters are the best thing that have graced mankind since the ‘dark ages’, which were characterised by sensitive glass windows that would buckle under the pressure of a tiny bit of force from a rock, or even a toddler! If your home shares space with lots of children and trouble-making kids, chances are, you’ll have encountered a broken window on more than one occasion.

Here’s the equation you should always take into account before deciding on your next purchase, Rock + Glass Window = Lots of money for replacement.

The next obvious evolution of glass windows was the basic shutter. These combined elegant design and sturdiness into one neat package, but they too had a glaring weakness – they were still mostly made of glass although it was a tiny bit more durable.

Enter Aluminium Shutters

Combining the versatility of their older sibling and stripped of all the weaknesses which a typical glass window entailed, the aluminium shutter has completely solved all the window related problems of the entire Australian continent.

Why Aluminium is better than just about every material out there?

Something that we’ve all learned in elementary school is how ‘lightweight’ but extra durable aluminium really is compared to solids of similar weight, whether it’s wood, steel or iron. The aluminium shutters really don’t corrode like iron upon contact with air or form mould and fall apart when water comes into contact with it.

Think of it this way. Powerful storms and winds bring around torrential rain falls to your neighbourhood, pounding the street with 2 to 3 feet worth of water and your wooden or iron window frame collapses. Forcing you to shell out a couple of hundred bucks every time nature decides to smite your neighbourhood with its furious storms.

Variety of Colours

And if you have a steel frame, well, let’s just say, the frame would start looking pretty ugly after enough time has passed and pockets of air have made contact with the steel. Corrosion is a very real problem with even the most advanced of metallurgical solutions applied to steel. The combination of air and moisture is simply too strong for steel to withstand.

When you mix in the ever swinging summer heat and sub zero temperatures of the winter, you’re looking at frequent expansions and contractions which would likely result in dents and cracks to your ever ‘sturdy’ steel frame.

Aluminium shutters are immune to the elements

Shutters made out of aluminium simply do not have this weakness. And this is more than just a marketing statement. There is real science backing up the power of aluminium shutters. The gist of the nerdy stuff is that once the layer of aluminium oxide forms over the metal’s surface, a barrier is formed which prevents both water (moisture) and air to prevent further reactions with the aluminium frame.

They provide you with high-end security

To top it all off, Empire Window Furnishings lace all their aluminium frames with additional protective powder-coating for extremely high-end solutions to all your security problems. Any possible thieves and miscreants looking to cause havoc will look the other way because it simply isn’t worth their time to crack through the ultra durable aluminium shutters from Empire Window Furnishings.

So your investment is looking in at decades’ worth of usage – and this backed up by hard science.

What you’re getting is a luxurious and elegant touch to your home decor without compromising a tiny bit on security. Now that’s combination which is hard to beat.

They’re also very beautiful to look at

Aluminium shutters also double as the solution to all their internal and outdoor decorative solutions. So whether you’re going for a more modern look to give off elegant vibes or classical aesthetics to complement the greenery of your porch – you simply won’t find a dull moment with these shutters.

Contact Empire Window Furnishings now to get a free quote for your home. Avail heavily discounted prices and above par quality level for your aluminium shutters. Bring style and combo in one durable package. Call 131 950!

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