Use Aluminium Shutters to Resist the Sun this Summer

Summers are here, the time when the sun comes out in full glory and shines beautifully over humans looking for cover. The air is pleasantly full of whining sounds coming from air-conditioners that are sucking kilowatts at the rate of knots. With humans lying under the temporary relief of conditioned air, one wonders whether there is a solution to this problem.

Interestingly, much of the load on air conditioners can be reduced if we do simple things that promise great results. From a few twitches in the structure of your house to being more energy efficient, the secret to remaining cool in summer does not lie in the speed of your air conditioner, but in your ability to process the solutions for these changes.

Recognizing the need for solutions, we have made a list of tips and tricks that can come useful for safeguarding your home from the deadly menace of the ever so glorious sun.

Tune Your Windows

Most people commit the rather serious and incomprehensible mistake of thinking that the windows in their home are just holes in the wall made for recreational or decorative purposes. The most important aspect about windows is that you can use your knowledge of ventilation and science to proper effect by tuning them to perfection.

We all know that heat rises. Warm air rises and looks for an outlet. So, if you do have high windows, you can open them to vent out the hot air whenever you want. But, beware tuning of windows is not that simple a task, it can be sophisticated. The air passing over your home follows a route and concept similar to air passing over airplane wings. If you have appropriate windows, you can easily open the bottom section of the upwind side and the higher section of the downwind side. The low pressure will eventually suck the air across your house. Use this knowledge to your benefit and you will not be requiring air-conditioners and all the costs that come along with it, during this summer.

Paint your Roof

In a way, similar to how snow reflects rays from the sun instead of absorbing the, the rooms and houses in cities across us can benefit from white roofs as a way to cool areas and to impede the spread of climate change. The Climate Change Research Conference, which was held a while ago, mentioned that if most buildings and road surfaces across the major cities of the world were covered with heat reflective and lighter surfaces, then the energy efficiency would exceed all prior expectations. Besides just energy efficiency, the savings made in this regard would be massive and power bills would drastically reduce.

So, you can implement your knowledge in this regard, to best effect by having your house and roof repainted, to ensure that your house is reflecting rays from the sun and not absorbing them.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters are extremely beneficial and efficient and monitoring the sun rays that enter your home. By providing extra insulation, the shutters ensure that your home is cool and peaceful during summers.
Most homeowners shy away from the sun during summers and prefer to stay indoors. While staying indoors is the best option, it does become a liability considering the electricity bills that come up over the period of time. To make sure that you stay at peace in your home during summers and have a low amount on your power bills, you should have aluminium shutters installed. They are being incorporated into many homes as they offer enhanced feasibility with lot of energy efficiency and versatility.

Aluminium shutters are stylish, heat resistant, light controlling, versatile and a stylish addition to your interior. Shelter your home from the sun this summer with our extensive range. For more information contact Empire Window Furnishings on 1300 950 654 or visit our Beverly Hills showroom.

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