Make Venetian blinds the perfect furnishing for your home office

Venetian blinds are one of our most timeless and versatile window furnishings. It suits just about any space and is easily controllable. As more people work remotely, having a dedicated area of the home solely for business is becoming increasingly necessary. An at-home work office is a space that requires tranquillity, privacy and other conditions that are conducive to productivity and professionalism. While the line of your work greatly depends on what features will be needed in your office, there is one thing that remains true regardless of your field – windows are imperative.

Windows provide you with an opportunity to incorporate natural elements into your property. While most do this well, their furnishings are what ultimately impacts their ability to do this. Window furnishings are not made equally. There are blinds, curtains and many more options, all of which have varying features and are suitable for different uses, lifestyles and window configurations.

Venetian blinds originally hail from Venice, Italy (hence their name – Venetian blinds). They are window blinds made up of horizontal slats that are held up by cords that raise, lower and tilt the blinds. These cords are what impacts the opening and closing of the blind

Interestingly, Venetian blinds were once held together by strips of cloth until a new design with the cord pulley system was developed. This eventually allowed for greater control of the blinds – one of its major benefits.

Why are Venetian blinds a great choice for your office?

They can help keep your office cool during the summer

Who wants to work in a sweltering office? No one! While you can certainly use air conditioning systems and fans, these easily drive up the cost of your utility bills. Venetian blinds are effective at keeping your office cool during the summer because the horizontal slats, when closed, block natural light which causes your space to become warm and uncomfortable. (Makes no sense)

They allow for impressive light control

Natural light can do wonders for a home office. It makes your space look brighter and larger – an important aspect for portraying a presentable background in your Zoom meetings. When your slats are open, the natural light will help to elevate your mood and improve your Vitamin D levels in addition to your productivity levels.

There are also times when your space is better off without copious amounts of light. In cases such as this, tilt the blinds downward – this will stop natural light from disturbing your vision with its glare.

The beauty of Venetian blinds lies in the fact that you don’t have to choose between full sunlight and complete darkness. You can control the blinds to allow for a subtle stream of sunlight into your office, gently illuminating your space

Venetian blinds are easy to clean

Offices need to be organised and clean. While your Venetian blinds cannot help you with your organisation, they can certainly aid in its cleanliness. Like most blinds, Venetian blinds are extremely easy to clean, requiring only a quick and light wipe down with a damp cloth every few days. It’s important to keep your office dust-free and tidy to reduce the likelihood of allergens and dust harming your health.

Venetian blinds afford you privacy

There are times when you’ll need complete privacy. This may be because you’re working on documents containing sensitive information, or you just concentrate better from the privacy of your office. Venetian blinds can close to block the view of any neighbours or nearby passers-by who may want to peer through your windows. As you can keep your windows open, you’ll still be able to enjoy natural ventilation when your blinds are closed.

If you’ve finally realised that Venetian blinds are what you were in search of for your office, then you’ll be happy to know that Empire Window Furnishings offers several customisation options:

Convinced  you need Venetian Blinds?

Choose your preferred material – aluminium, timber and PVC

  • We recommend timber for rustic charm, aluminium for a durable option and PVC for a lightweight product.

Select from a variety of colours and hues

  • For offices, we generally recommend a lighter shade as it can make your room appear much larger and feel more breathable.

Pair with curtains

  • You can also request to pair your Venetian blinds with our curtains. These curtains can provide extra privacy or join forces with your blinds for a dramatic effect

If you’d like to learn more about our products, or you’re interested in booking a free measure, contact our team.

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