Roman Blinds: Specialist Home Addition

If you don’t want to go with the intricacies of heavy drapes and also won’t like a bare look for your windows then roman blinds are a good choice of window furnishings for your interior décor.Roman blinds are a classy and functional window covering alternative for many reasons. Let’s check out how different types of these blinds can become a special addition to your house.

Constructed roman blinds are a spruced up option for your windows. These flat blinds look neat and contemporary. If you want to go more traditional with your window treatments then you can use conventional drapery along with constructed flat roman shades. This combination will provide extra privacy and serve as a good tool for decoration.

Unconstructed Roman Blinds- A Simple Addition of Style

They have the same look as of constructed roman blinds but have no back panels. If you are using shutters or any other functional window furnishing then unconstructed roman blinds will be perfect add-ons for the purpose of decor. Unlike constructed ones, these types of roman blinds are usually made of a single piece of fabric which provides you with a choice to play around with different patterned fabrics.

Relaxed Romans Blinds

The roman blinds discussed above appear flat when raised. If you want to add more liveliness to your windows then relaxed roman blinds are suitable. They appear wavier and take the shape of ribbon or lace when lifted. They also don’t contain any construction and can be customised with many different designs and colours. Relaxed roman blinds don’t contain any reinforcing structure in them therefore they are not a suitable option for wider windows.

Balloon Roman Blinds

They are a fancy variant of relaxed roman blinds and can be used for to add more style. They go well with traditional interior decoration of the house. They are not suitable for functional use in window furnishings. They are mostly mounted outside of the window fitting with light scalloping at the bottom of the fabric.

Butterfly Roman Blinds

This is another variant of relaxed roman blinds which appears with a winged appendage at the bottom when raised. Butterfly roman blinds can be a perfect fit for windows that are not exposed to sunlight and where you are in no need of privacy.

Austrian Roman Blinds

If you don’t want to compromise on the traditional design and complexity of window furnishings then go with Austrian styled roman blinds. They are adorned with many horizontal and vertical strips of ruffled fabric and heavy scalloping along the bottom. Due to excessive pleating and scalloping, excessive fabric is used in the making of these decorative window blinds. They are an expensive choice of window furnishing and suitable for fancier decoration of drawing rooms and living rooms.

Faux Roman Blinds

These shades possess pleats of typical roman blinds but don’t have chains and cords to move the blind. They are a good decorative apparatus for the top section of windows and can be used in combination with other functional window treatments.

Waterfall Roman Blinds

Due to their permanent pleats they get the look of a waterfall. They are equally good for functionality and decoration. To get a wide range of colour and design for the choice of your roman blinds, contact a professional window furnishing store in your area.

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