Sophisticated and Stylish Home Finish with Shutters and Blinds

Gone are the days when only curtains and heavy drapery were considered the right tools to add sophistication to your home interior. Now, with plenty of other window furnishing options, it has become very easy for everyone to add style, class and sophistication to their house in a budget.

There are some very suitable options in shutters and blinds that can be used in this aspect.

Roman Blinds – a Fabric-based Design Option

Roman blinds have been around for centuries. Even in their existing form, they have been used for decades. They never go out of style and for good reason, too!

  • Their pleating style adds character to your home even when blinds are lifted
  • Since they are fabric-based blinds, you can opt for the fabric of your choice and embellish them with the design you want

You can even use two different fabrics  within the same setting of Roman blinds. Two different designs will not only add sophistication to your interior, but will also add more insulation to the interior. Roman blinds use less fabric than traditional curtains, which means you can add the appropriate sophistication and style to your house without the apprehension of overdoing it. For small window fittings in your house, Roman blinds are a perfect choice of window furnishings to add a customised style to your decor without spending too much.

Wooden Blinds and Shutters – a Classic Touch of Sophistication

There is a general perception that shutters can only be used at the exterior face of the house. However, if you know how to pick the right type of shutters, then you can even use them in the interior of your house to add style and distinctive character. We are aware of the fact that wood has inherent warmth and richness, which can be used to add sophistication to the interior.

Fabric-based window furnishings such as Roman blinds look like an addition to the interior while wooden treatment options such as plantation shutters can be used to give a more incorporated look to your home. If a room has other fixtures made of wood, then wooden shutters can go along well with rest of the items to define the look of the space. Wooden shutters are available in a palette of different finishing and colours with different vanes and slate sizes, therefore they can be used in any room and in any size.

Aluminium Blinds – Styling on Budget

If you are on a budget, but still want to experiment with window furnishings of your house, then aluminium blinds are a good a way to add style to your house. Now aluminium blinds are available in a variety of colours. You can have dozens of different metallic colours to go with the style of your interior.

Aluminium options are also durable due to their weather and impact resistant qualities. Aluminium blinds are suitable for those spaces that you particularly want noticed – these blinds give a sharp look to your interior and make spaces stand out. If your inner interior designer wants to experiment more with the appearance of aluminium blinds, then you can use different types of decorative tapes to cover them for the customised look of your choice.

Faux Wood Blinds

To get the sophistication of wood and utility of vinyls and polymers, faux wood blinds are perfect window treatments at reasonable prices. With their upper laminated surface, you can experiment with different designs and colours. They are also cheaper than wooden window treatments, so adding sophistication can be done within your budget.

Sophisticated window treatments often require the same type of clean-up routine, but with options such as faux wood blinds, you can add a high-end look to your home without getting worried about their cleaning because a simple wipe down would be sufficient. Add all the style and sophistication to your home with these different options by getting in touch with a quality window furnishing store.

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