Vertical Blinds, Stylish Choice on a Budget

You don’t have to compromise on your style even if you are tight on your budget.  With vertical blinds, you can get both utility and style! Not only do they look contemporary and trendy, but they also provide the functionality you want from your window furnishings.

Faux wood vertical blinds are a great low-cost option

Roller Shades for Children

The most important feature of vertical blinds is that they are an affordable stylish option of window furnishings.  If you want the traditional vertical glance of curtains with a more contemporary touch, then vertical blinds are the best offer you can get in different window furnishings.

However, don’t go for extra cheap options of vertical blinds because you will then be compromising on the quality of the material and structure. Poor quality vertical blinds will start to deteriorate in a short amount time. The vanes might start to get warped, the head rail can stop working properly, and you won’t be able to slide the blinds the way you want to. You can even find good quality vertical blinds in different materials and at reasonable prices. An added bonus is that they are long lasting.

Versatility of Vertical Blinds

Versatility of vertical blinds also makes them a good option for the window fittings of your house. They are available in many different fabrics so you can add the motif of style you want. With a flick of your wrist, you can control them – you can choose to adjust them according to your preferences: whether you want to move the blinds completely out of way or slide the vanes according to the amount of light and view you want.

For French windows that open on to a balcony or patio, they will be a good choice of window furnishings. Unlike traditional curtains, they will be easy to handle on these types of windows.

They are a useful choice of blinds because you can use them anywhere in your house. If you want window coverings for your washroom, then vertical blinds made of vinyl can be a good choice since they can bear the increased moisture levels in the area.

For your living area and bedroom, fabric vinyls are a good choice because you can play with colours and designs to bring the customised look of your interior. Thick fabric that are used in the making of vertical blinds make them a good choice if you wish to insulate your house from the incoming heat of the sun.

No Hanging Cords

Many people don’t opt for blinds or vertical blinds in particular because they are wary of the hanging cords that are used for the upward and downward movement of slates. These cords become a problem if you have children and pets in the house. Vertical blinds, though, are operated through toggle and straight pull, which are enclosed in a plastic casing. This makes them hassle free.

Go Well with Minimalistic Approach

We know that how the approach of minimalistic style is prevailing in the sector of interior decoration. Customary drapery doesn’t go well with these design elements. On the other hand, vertical blinds are a good option to give your house space a more de-cluttered look. They can make your room look more spacious and airy by giving you all the utility you want from your window furnishings.

One more thing about vertical blinds that make them a better option is that they are also easy to clean and launder and don’t accumulate dust like horizontal blinds and curtains. You can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth. If your vertical blinds have more sophisticated fabric, then you can clean them by removing the vanes. You can get all the style of window treatments by getting a wide range of vertical blinds.

“Wood” vertical blinds for a fraction of the price

Faux wood vertical blinds combine the classic look of wooden blinds with humidity resistance—all at a budget-friendly price. While genuine wooden styles are indeed the most elegant option, it is also the most expensive. If you are not willing to shell out that much, specially when your house requires several of these window treatments, faux wood is a fantastic alternative.

These window blinds are produced in many different woods such as Western Red Cedar or pine, among many others. At our showroom, you will be treated to a variety of smooth and textured finishes. Our colours range from light neutrals, mid-tone shades and deep browns.

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