Amp up your home with Roman blinds

Amp up your home with Roman blinds

Delight in bold prints and vibrant solids with Roman blinds

Highly durable and easy to operate, Roman blinds are very popular among business and home owners. The different types of operating systems make them suitable for any room.You can install them in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, in bathrooms, children’s rooms, and any other rooms you may need. Chain drive, spring assisted or fully motorised, the choice is yours. Roman blinds open and close very easily, and if you opt for motorised blinds you will be able to control every blind in your home from one central location. Plus, these kind of blinds are built to last because they feature high quality fabrics, strong steel tubes and operating systems that are rigorously tested.

Another benefit is their level of flexibility. They have a wide range of styles, materials and fabrics, making it a cinch for you to match them to to any design palette. Some people even choose dual models, which involves two roman blinds being installed on one mount. For instance, if you to fully control the light amount that comes in your room, at our store you can find blackout blinds and sun-screening blinds. Sunscreen blinds let the light enter the room while blocking UV rays and glare, while blackout blinds are impenetrable to light.

At Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, Australia, you can find any type of blinds and shutters, curtains, screens, awnings and other types of blinds. Empire currently has a 50% off sale on all roman blinds. Contact us for more information.

Roman blinds benefits Sydney
Roman blinds work well with any home design
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