Window blinds in diverse designs

Window blinds in diverse designs

Options aplenty with window blinds

One of the most common type of window blinds our customers buy are Venetians. People love them because they are practical for any kind of home and they also have a classic look. 

Usually, they are attached above an exterior window, a door or above the area along a sidewalk outdoors. With the addition of columns, you can transform them into canopies, which are very often used in hotel entrances. 

Panel blinds, on the other hand, work best for modern homes with sleek interiors. Super stylish, they minimise glare, control light, and heighten privacy. Most homeowners install these blinds to outfit floor to ceiling windows and glass doors.

There are so many other window treatments you can check out at Empire Window Furnishings. Whatever you want, you can find them all at our showroom. We hope to see you soon!

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Spruce up interiors with window blinds
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