Cleaning Your Curtains

Cleaning Your Curtains

Curtains are an area of expertise Empire Window Furnishings can assist with. Our professional team has industry experience and secrets to help you install and maintain your residential or commercial curtains. Having worked with a variety of different materials including cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic, the team know how to manage curtains to keep them around for the long term. Here at Empire Window Furnishing we understand different fabrics what their specific requirements entail.

Clean curtains Sydney
Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Cleaning is a process all Sydney homeowners love and enjoy to do (some more than others). Your beautiful curtains should certainly be on that cleaning list you’ve been meaning to get around to doing; although, cleaning curtains is not an easy task. Lucky for you it’s not always necessary to visit a dry cleaner to fix the marks and scuffs that appear on your curtains.

The origin of most marks and spots are usually evident. If your spot has an oily composition there is a simple and inexpensive process to take (Please test this on similar material before you proceed). The first step is to gently dust on some talcum powder. The second step is to re-apply and then leave it overnight. This will alleviate the oily mark and lessen the dark shade it’s left behind. Easy as that!

Another way to remove stains is to use cleaning wipes. Use products made for children and sensitive skin. Do not wipe, simply pat down the stain and watch it clear up. If it doesn’t work then leave it overnight and try again. Please proceed with caution and test it on a similar martial before you make an attempt on your expensive fabrics.

Washing machines and steam cleaners also work very well, although make sure you are aware how to use them before you proceed as they tend to do more damage to your curtains. Check out Cleanipedia for some more curtain cleaning advice.

Empire Window Furnishing are your curtain experts. Our aim is to help out clients anyway we can. Call us on 1300 950 950 and we can help install the best curtains for your home.

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