Considerations when Buying Shutters and Blinds

Considerations when Buying Shutters and Blinds

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With latest trends and innovations present in the market, there is always a lot to think about before you go splashing your cash on dressing windows. Most homeowners have gotten over curtains, because of the availability of better options. If you think that the lack of curtains as an option, your decision for dressing windows would be an easy task; you are mistaken.

Homeowners nowadays are faced with an even intriguing conundrum. They are left with blinds and shutters. It is true that there is no perfect solution between these two types of dressing windows. Both blinds and shutters come with their own pros and cons, which is why a lot of external factors need to be taken into consideration before you take the ultimate decision between the two.

As there are so many colours, ranges and types to choose from, the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. However, this article as your guide, you will be able to easily find your way around.

Factors when Buying Shutters and Blinds

The Type of Window

The type or size of any window has a huge impact on the window treatment or dressing you eventually choose for it. The window type includes factor such as its size, position and use, which is why this is one of the most important things to take into consideration, before you decide between shutters and blinds. If the window is large and has French or bi-fold sliding doors, than vertical blinds are by far your best bet. They offer practicality and beauty, without impeding the opening and closing of the window opening or door.  

On the contrary, if the window is unusually shaped or round, then bespoke shutters will add feasibility and greatly the architectural beauty of the space. Standard windows will look like eye candy with either shutters or blinds.

Which Room?

In which room would you like to have your shutters or blinds? What is the purpose that this area serves within your home? The purpose the room serves and the use of the windows in that room will be a huge factor in determining the decision between shutters and blind. If you have a problematic window that is overlooking a neighbour’s house or looks out into a busy street, than you might want to go for louvered shutters that provide both, privacy as well as light.  

For your bedroom, you might look at any window dressing that keeps the room dark and cool. Blinds are usually the number one option for bedrooms as they promise both versatility and ease of use.

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If you want window dressings for a bathroom or a kitchen, then you might benefit from a moisture resistant material. We have numerous forms of water resistant blinds, but shutters made from vinyl are the perfect fit based on the longevity they offer.


Considering the investment that is being made, most people want something that is worth the money. So, the best option that most people look for is to buy a window treatment that withstands the test of time and does not go out of fashion soon. Shutters have the edge over blinds in this category, as they are really sturdy and offer a long life, regardless of whether they are made from vinyl or wood.

A window blind can also be durable, but that depends on the quality of the materials used to craft it. Regardless of what you choose, longevity should be one of the most important factors influencing your purchase.

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