Control the Light in your Home Using Zebra Blinds

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People underestimate the effect that light has on us. Our environment shapes our thoughts much more than we realise. Think about how much easier it is to fall in love with someone in a beautiful place, or how easy it is to get angry in a frustrating situation and it becomes obvious that your environment can shape your thoughts.

Now, when it comes to your home, you can’t change the items in it regularly, but you can definitely change the amount of lighting if you have the right window blinds and shutters. That is why Zebra Blinds are such a great addition to your Sydney home. They can change how you feel.

Here’s how light can help you create the right environment.

Sleeping right

You may have noticed that sleeping during the day is never as satisfying as sleeping through the night. You still wake up feeling a bit tired, even if you sleep for as long as you sleep in a night. The reason why this happens is that we have an internal clock in us which guides our systems. Humans have evolved to sleep at night and be alert during the day. Thus, as long as your brain thinks it is day time, it doesn’t let you sleep peacefully.

You can hack this process with the right zebra blinds or any other window blinds and shutters as your brain judges the time of day through light. So, if there is sunlight coming in from your window, your brain won’t let you sleep peacefully.

However, get the right zebra blinds that block all the light and you will be able to sleep in the morning as peacefully as you do during the night. That’s because your brain will think it’s night because there is no sunlight in your room.

Wake up right

Zebra blinds can help you wake up right too. Just open them up completely and let the sunlight enter the room. When the brain detects sunlight, it knows you should be awake which is why it helps you get up. Ever noticed how you feel very sleepy as long as you are inside your home, but you are fully awake when you step out? That’s the sunlight doing its magic and you can get the same effect in your room if you want.

Make things cozy

You can make things cosy and romantic as well. Open the zebra blinds a bit and let just a ray of light enter the room. Don’t turn on the lights inside the room and just stay in bed with your loved one. The soft sunlight has a very pleasing effect on the eye and the brain. Everything looks better and everyone looks better as well. You’ll find it much easier to talk to your significant other and you’ll also notice that both of you will be talking in a much sweeter tone than usual. Our environment can shape our thoughts and a little bit of sunlight in a room makes it feel cosy and comfortable. This makes you feel comfortable with your loved one too.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your life by getting more control over the light in your room. This isn’t something you can do with all window blinds and shutters – zebra blinds give you extra control due to the way they are designed. You can get them in many different colours as well. Empire Window Furnishings has one of the largest collections of window blinds and shutters in Sydney. You will definitely be able to find one that fits in perfectly with your room’s colour scheme.

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