Control the Light in your Outdoor Area with Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for something to control the lighting in your outdoor areas, you should opt for effective window treatments like the plantation shutter. Curtains are generally the first choice of most people, but what they don’t know is that shutters are a better option, because they help increase the value of the home, are versatile, and cost less than curtains or custom draperies.

Homeowners have quickly got on board with plantation shutters because of how effective it is in controlling light. This is why it is commonly installed in kitchens nowadays. If you’re looking for plantation shutters, make sure that you find out whether your windows can support them, otherwise you must get them custom built.

Difference Between Traditional & Plantation Shutters

There is a difference between traditional shutters and plantation shutters. You will notice that traditional shutters have narrow louvers, and are smaller than plantation shutters. They are slowly becoming obsolete because the trend today is letting light in and keep an open view of the outside. The Spanish were the first to introduce shutters, and they are the ones credited with coming with the term. The first shutters had narrow divider rails on them, which didn’t allow any control of light, which is why they were slowly shifted out of the picture.

Plantation shutters today come in different styles and sizes, which is why they are becoming more popular. This is because people can change the louver sizes on them and be in control with how much light enters the room. It is important that you purchase plantation shutters from a reputable company, which has different styles and features on offer. This is because not all windows are of the same side, and you may need to get a custom plantation shutter for your home.

Why Use Plantation Shutters for Your Windows?

Shutters are popular because they block excessive light, and can also be turned to provide a view of the outside, unlike curtains or draperies that block out the view completely. Plantation shutters are more flexible and offer more diversity, which is why they come highly recommended. They are also great for privacy, because you turn the top louvers and completely block out view and light from outside. This type of convenience isn’t afforded by wood blinds, drapes or curtains.

Most people think that getting half shutters is better for them, but it isn’t a smart choice because they cost the same amount as full length shutters. Furthermore, you will not get great sunlight control, and the insulation will also not be of a greater standard. This is where plantation shutters are so great, because they will allow lots of light inside and will not block the view. They are great for protecting your rugs, and furniture from sun damage as well.

Get them Custom Made

The best decision you can make when purchasing plantation shutters is that you get them custom made for your windows. This will allow you to have complete control over the lighting in your outdoor area, because you then you will have two panels, which will either be in the centre or to one side. If you don’t plan on opening the panels, then having them in the center is recommended, but if you do want to let light inside, then having them on one side makes sense.

The design of the shutters will depend on the wants and style of your windows. If the window seat already has three windows, then getting a one panel narrow design for the window is better than getting two small ones. This will ensure that you get a great view and plenty of light can enter the house

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