Cost effective window furnishing

Window furnishings are perhaps the easiest addition to make to a home or living space in order to elevate its outlook. Not only do window coverings frame the windows of your home in an appealing manner, they also add a polished look overall.

Cost effective and durable

Depending on the style, material, colour and theme of your window treatment, you can make your living space more modern, traditional, minimalistic, structured, homier, lighter or even darker. In short, you can completely overhaul a room’s appearance by just selecting the right kind of window treatments.

That said, choosing window furnishings for multiple windows in all the rooms of a home can wear down a significant hole in your pockets. In fact, a majority of homeowners completely shy away from window treatments – labelling it as a daunting and financially exhausting home renovation task.

We’re here to tell you that that’s not completely true.

Not only are there numerous factors which influence the costs of a window treatment, but it’s actually quite possible to ensure that your window furnishing investments are cost effective. All you have to do is recognise the influencing factors and choose accordingly to get window treatments that are beautiful and affordable, too.

Factors Affecting Window Furnishing Costs

Size and Shape

One of the most essential factors which influence the window furnishing costs is the size and shape of a window. While blinds and other window treatments are available ready-made for conventional, standard sized windows at economical rates, unique window sizes and styles often require a customised job. A custom job where the window furnishings are tailor made to the window’s requirements and your specifications will always be more expensive than a window blind chosen off the shelf at your regular home store.

Keep Ventilated All Year Round


While Australian homes have seen a rapid shift towards automation in recent times, especially owing to the latest trend of smart homes, the fact is that motorised window treatments, though upscale, modern and convenient, are considerably pricey as compared to the regular ones controlled by hand with cords or rods. If you’re on a budget, automation is unlikely to ensure cost effectiveness even with the simplest of window styles.


Some window furnishings, such as those with track panels, need to be installed by a professional to ascertain the correct placement and movement. As expected, there are certain installation charges that accompany professional installation. For cost effective window treatments, might we suggest DIY’s?

Quality of Material

Materials and the quality of materials are some of the bigger influencers on the cost effectiveness of the blinds, shades and drapes that homeowners buy to spruce up their living spaces. Every material, from PVC, to aluminium, wood, faux wood, bamboo, and more, are available at different price points – what’s more, they differ significantly from one another too. For example, if you’re set on having pure timber wooden venetian blinds in your living room, they’re going to cost you drastically more than say, faux wood or aluminium ones.


Each individual style of the window furnishing also contributes to its cost effectiveness. Typically drapes and curtains can cost anywhere from $80 to $150 per panel. However, this range can fluctuate significantly depending on how fancy your choices become. Shades such as roller or roman shades are an economical alternative in comparison. They can cost as low as $15 depending on the choice of material and quality.

Given the wide range of variety available in blinds, and shutters, for example venetian blinds, roller blinds, and plantation shutters, window treatments are now considered affordable. Depending on the complexity of the design, material used, custom and standard sizing, both the blinds and shutters can fall anywhere in the range of $20 to $850 per panel.

Venetian blinds are light, durable, cost effective and stylish. Suitable for wet areas they are the perfect addition to your home. To view our range of colours and styles come and see us in our Sydney showroom or call us at 131 950.

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