Customise your Window Furnishings with Plantation Shutters

Customise your Window Furnishings with Plantation Shutters

Shutters have always been in fashion to cover windows. They are flexible window options that can be used on either side of the wall. There are options that can cover your windows to provide functionality and to add appeal to the outside look of your house; then there are interior shutter options that can be used in different spaces in the house to provide functionality and to add style and beauty.

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There are different aspects of shutters that you should keep in mind when getting a customised fit for your windows.


On the basis of construction, there are basically two types of window shutters: solid and louvered. Both of the constructions can be used in combination in the same shutter. Solid or filled in shutters are mostly used externally and slated shutters are used inside the house but both types of constructions can be used in either setting.

Choosing the type of construction depends on the utility and look you want from your window furnishings. Slated constructions are good to use for ventilation and control of light since slates can be moved and adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, solid shutters are good choice for providing insulation to the windows. Solid shutters have a monotonous appearance and you don’t have much room to aesthetical experiments.


There are four different styles that you can pick from when going to fit your windows with shutters.

Full Height Shutters

This type of shutter is the most suitable option of functional window furnishings. It covers the whole window and supposed to be the best option to have optimal privacy, insulation and control of the sunlight with a single type of window furnishings.

Tier-on-tier Shutters

Unlike a single piece of shutter panel in full height, they are made of two separate pieces that can move along the horizontal axis. With this style of window furnishing, you have the option to open up the top and bottom part of the window separately.

Cafe Style Shutters

These types of shutters only cover the lower part of window with top section usually left uncovered. Cafe style shutters are good to add privacy to the large street-adjacent windows.

Shaped Shutters

All the discussed styles of shutters are usually used to fit on rectangular windows. However, you can get customized shutters in numerous other shapes. Some window openings are in triangular, semicircular and round shapes and unlike many other window furnishing options, special shaped shutters look very good on different windows sizes and designs.


Shutters are a flexible option to go with any window size. They can even be used to cover the wide French door pane. Small windows can be covered with a simple fit of shutter. For wider windows, couple of panels are used joined together with hinges in bi-fold or tri-fold setting.


You can customize your windows with shutters in different materials. For external options, aluminium shutters in both solid and slated constructions can be used for practical purposes. Aluminium is a reasonable option which provides good weather resistance and privacy to the windows.

Wood is a good material option for interior shutters. Wood can be used in the making of plantation shutters, which is a very functional and stylish choice of interior window furnishings.

Synthetic material (PVC and vinyl) are best suited for windows that are exposed to highly damp conditions. Windows in kitchen and washrooms can be fitted with shutters made of synthetic material.

Picking suitable characteristics of shutters that meet your demand, you can have them finished in accordance with different styles and looks. A professional window furnishing store will guide you better in customising your window furnishings with shutters.

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