Decorate your Interior with Style using Blinds & Shutters

Decorate your Interior with Style using Blinds & Shutters

When it comes to decorating your interior, the one thing everyone forgets about is window blinds and shutters. Interior decoration involves everything that is inside your house. It includes the paint on your walls, the items you place in the room, the carpeting – everything. However, the window blinds and shutters play a much more important part than most of these things because they control how the room is lit.

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Quality and Style

Lighting a room right

When you are focusing on decorating the interior of a room, you want it to look the best that it can. You want to make sure that everything is arranged perfectly and compliments each other. The type of lighting that you choose for a room can instantly change its mood. If you allow a lot of light to enter the room, it will have a happy and active vibe. If you limit the amount of light entering it, it will have a cosy and comforting feel.

You need to make sure that the lighting is accurate for the purpose of the room. You don’t need the same type of lighting in your lounge and your bedroom. You can choose to create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom while at the same time you can make your lounge look vibrant.

Testing the light

There is a very simple way to find out how you can change the mood of a room just through lighting. You simply need a large sized paper that can cover your window. Once you have one such paper, you can place it in front of your window to see how the room will look. If your paper is sufficiently think it will limit most of the sunlight hitting your window.

Placing the paper over the window will allow a bit of the light to enter, and it will give all the objects within the room a ‘soft’ look due to the ambient nature of the light. Remove the paper and the sunlight will start directly entering your room, giving everything a ‘hard’ angled look.
Then simply tear away a bit of the paper from the middle and place it above the window again. Now you will have a combination of both – the ambient light and the hard light. Your room will look remarkably different with each change. Here’s why that works.

Ambient Light

If you limit the amount of light coming in with a full covering, you will only have soft light in your room. Soft light is light that has been dispersed and which bounces around in your room. Since the light is coming from so many angles, it doesn’t create too many shadows and also hides the sharp features of certain objects. This gives the whole room a cosy and comfortable feel. This type of lighting works great for bedrooms. If you are looking for window shutters and blinds, then zebra blinds, illusion blinds, venetian blinds, and roller blinds can all give you this look for your room.

Hard Light

If you are looking for lighting up a room properly – great for offices or study rooms where you want people to feel active – you want more hard light in there. Hard light is directional light. It comes from one angles and comes in directly. It creates shadows in the room and gives everything a sharp look. This look can be achieved in any type of blind that you can open and with roller blinds too.

You just need to make sure that your window shutters and blinds give your room exactly the look that you want. Talk to the people at Empire Window Furnishings and they will suggest you the perfect blinds for your needs.

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