Everything You Need to Know about Plantation Shutters

Light, ventilation, privacy and beauty – these are the four considerations a person must make before choosing their window furnishing. For the Ancient Greeks, the most elegant answer to these problems was the window shutter. This custom fitted window treatment was built to fix permanently against windows. With slats built across its structure that allowed users to adjust light and visibility inside their homes, while also offering vital protection against the elements.

Back then, marble was the most common material used for window shutters. With time however as the shutters made their way across the continent to Spain, and finally to the Americas, marble gave way to the cheaper and more adaptable wood.

A Temperate Solution

It was in the Southern plantations of United States where the plantation shutter was born. With a sub-tropical climate that consisted of mild winters and boiling, humid summers, a window furnishing was required that allowed large homes to remain cool and well-ventilated. Builders accomplished this by widening the shutter’s slats, allowing not only more light through, but more air as well. By building the window frame into the exterior of the house itself, plantation shutters also provided better security for these often luxurious, stately homes.

Australia has had a long history with window shutters. In the days of early settlement, fixed timber shutters were often used in place of windows. Later on, more elegant colonial style window shutters were often a feature on the façade of project homes and homesteads in the 60’s and 70’s. However it wasn’t until the 80’s that plantation shutters entered the market in Sydney, and became the premiere choice for protecting homes against the sweltering Aussie sun.

In modern Sydney homes, plantation shutters are mostly an indoor window furnishing. Whether interior designers are looking for a chic art deco look or a vintage style they offer the perfect compromise between form and functionality.

Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters come in two styles. There’s the traditional “louvered” style, which consists of multiple slats that that can be adjusted to open and close, much like window blinds. Unlike window blinds, these shutters are fixed into the frame of the house, and are usually made of higher quality, more durable materials.

Plantation shutters are also available in a solid style consisting of two to three wooden panels that can fold into the window alcove or open up to cover the entire recess. 

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In more recent years, PVC shutters have also entered the market in Sydney and across Australia. Buyers must keep in mind that plantation shutters are made for durability and quality, so care must be taken when purchasing these. If PVC plantation shutters aren’t properly treated they will warp and stain under sustained exposure to sunlight. However these alternative materials do provide better resistance to moisture and humidity.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Quality and Durability

Plantation shutters are custom built and fitted with high quality materials; they are designed to withstand the harshest elements. From constant sun exposure to wind, snow and even rain the wide slats and solid base will stand the test of time; providing a window furnishing solution that you can trust for decades, with proper care and use.

Aesthetic Impact

Plantation shutters provide a classic, elegant design that helps to add a sense of scale and spaciousness to any home. If you decide to open up your shutters all the way, they’ll bring in plentiful natural light and warmth, adding volume and depth to any room. The fact that these window shutters are custom built and fitted to your design specifications also ensures that your finished product fits the dimensions and design requirements of your space.

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