Find the Right Roller Blinds for You

Find the Right Roller Blinds for You

Roller blinds come in designs that are practically limitless. Educate yourself on the various types and functions available so you don’t get overwhelmed on your shopping trip. Our Empire Window Furnishings consultants have identified key selection guidelines, which we will be sharing in this post.

Tips in Choosing for Roller Blinds

1. Window blinds should be designed to match your home and should look attractive. You should always test them to ensure that the hem rail is heavy enough to allow the blind to hang the right way when it is mounted to the window.

2. Always look for is one-step push-button release. This allows for an easy replacement of a worn out blind without having to remove the existing brackets and mounting hardware.

3. Choose window blinds that feature custom covers for the sides, which can provide a more complete look to the roller coverings.

4. If you think that your blind will be under heavy use, you might want to consider heavy-duty ones which can be purchased from our Sydney showroom. These have been specifically designed to stand up to more frequent daily use.

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Roller blinds are incredibly versatile
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