From vertical to panels: Rolling out the types of window blinds on offer for your space

From vertical to panels:  Rolling out the types of window blinds on offer for your space

The window furnishings you use in your home or office can impact the overall functionality and style of your space. Whether you’re ready to upgrade or you’re installing new blinds, finding the right option can depend on look, budget and features. Some of the most popular blinds in Sydney include roller blinds, vertical blinds, panel blinds and vertical blinds.

Many clients come to us with a good idea of which style they prefer, while others are looking for some guidance to help make the right decision. All options provide great quality solutions and similar benefits, but there are a few key differences that can influence the purchasing process for our customers.

Window furnishings for temperature control

Blinds – Blinds are a simple and practical way to make your windows more versatile. Usually made from synthetic and natural fabrics, these blinds can be opened or closed to suit your needs and come in several different styles that mount to the wall in numerous ways. With the ability to control sun exposure with just the pull of a cord, a tilt of a rod or a touch of a finger, blinds are also a great way to keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

As Sydney’s largest provider of blinds, we offer a range of sophisticated and contemporary options that can accentuate any space – from bedrooms and living rooms to the kitchen and bathroom. These options are made from a variety of metal, wood, plastic, synthetic materials or natural fabrics, depending on the style and location of use. Some of our most popular blinds include:

Sturdy and low-maintenance window furnishings

Roller blinds – Roller blinds are practical, low-profile window covers that can be lowered and raised, working well on large and small windows alike. The right roller blinders will blend in and complement home decor to create a simple yet luxurious style to the space. These options provide clean lines that elevate windows or doors to another level, and come in varying colours and fabrics to suit every space.

Roller blinds are also known for their durability as they’re usually built with steel tubes and good quality fabrics. Dual options are also increasingly popular, as the double bracket includes a sun blind to let in sunlight while still maintaining privacy. Where some other window furnishings are difficult to keep clean, roller blinds can also be dusted with minimal attention and are nearly maintenance-free.

Window furnishings to add style and a sense of space

Vertical blinds – Vertical blinds are traditionally used over sliding doors or to add interest to a living room or bedroom. These diverse, functional and stylish solutions are typically made with a headrail and vertical strips of fabric called blades. The long and sleek design makes them a popular option in offices, living rooms and anywhere there is a large window or glass door.

The vertical style not only creates the impression of greater ceiling heights in a room, but also provides great tile and angle capability. This allows you to block sunlight while still being able to see outside, adjust the position to maximise indoor light throughout the day, and still easily access the window or door. Similar to roller blinds, vertical blinds can also be cleaned quite easily. Fabric slats can be unhinged and washed, while other materials can be maintained with a simple damp wipe.

Maximising safety with window furnishings

Panel blinds – Panel blinds are another popular choice for patio doors and large windows, as the sections can move along a track to open or close. Many homeowners and business managers are now choosing these styles to replace vertical blinds or drapes.

The advanced design of these smooth gliding window furnishing eliminates the need for any safety devices to stop their movement during operation. As they are opened, the blinds will move in the same direction the sliding doors open, which helps avoid the threat of partially obstructed doorways. Additionally, panel blinds will also help maintain a sleek and neat appearance, without requiring too much maintenance.

Window furnishings that balance practicality and style

Roman blinds – With horizontal panels of fabric connected by a batten, roman blinds are an elegant, tailored solution for window coverings. These window furnishings are a great option for people who want the ease and practicality of a blind, while still having the style versatility of a curtain fabric.

While roman blinds don’t offer the same level of light control as some other options on the market, the pleated style still allows you to move between open or close to block and let in light. However, the beauty of having one whole piece of fabric rather than slats is that there are no gaps for light to filter through. Roman blinds are also a great option for smaller windows, as these spaces can sometimes be overwhelmed by curtains that take up space on either side of the window.

Whether you’re looking for a roller blind, roman blind or anything in between, there are plenty of options on the market to suit every style, budget and location. If you need help deciding which window furnishing in Sydney is best for your space, get in touch with the Empire Window Furnishings team.

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