Functional Room Addition – Shutters and Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, also sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades, are a type of window covering that is becoming quite popular these days, thanks to its many boons. It helps save energy, preserves room temperatures, and is affordable, especially if you are buying from the right place, like Empire Sydney, where you get a wide variety of options to choose your favourite cellular blinds from.

How Cellular Blinds are Revolutionising the Blinds Market

Cellular blinds are a true combination of art and science, in that this blind provides a number of advantages for which we humans have invented much more expensive technology, and it does so while adding to the beauty of the room you put it in.

The Cellular Design Benefits

The design of these blinds is made such that the honeycomb shaped cells in the folds trap air inside, which creates a barrier between the window glass and the room. This allows the blinds to insulate the room, making it warm in cold weather and warm in cold weather simply by reducing thermal loss in the room.

  • The honeycomb cells made by pleats add insulation to the room by trapping air inside.
  • The soft, paper-like or cloth fabric allows for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Stretching and loosening the blinds turns the room brighter and darker easily.
  • They come with an auto-balance mechanism so that the bottom rail always looks level.
  • The light, polyester based fabrics of the blinds make it very easy to clean them.

Perfect room insulation, light management, and no fear of Peeping Toms

The air trapped in the cells of cellular blinds works as air in a balloon that cannot escape and maintains its temperature. By doing so, the air stabilises the temperature in the room, helping you stay warm in cold weather and cool in summers.

  • These blinds are truly energy-efficient and will actually help you cut down on your electricity and heating bills.
  • If you choose a dark fabric, it can prevent almost 100% of visible light and UV rays from entering your rooms.
  • They come in any size you would want, endless shades of most colours, and countless patterns and designs.
  • There is a cordless function option, which ensures greater safety for children in the house.


Among other things, cellular blinds give you a great option of light-blocking. With the choice of the right fabric, you can block out all of the external light from entering a room. Outside mounted cellular shades with dark fabrics can make sure no light enters your room. These dark blinds are useful in many ways and are a perfect choice for:

  • Media rooms where photo-sensitive materials are frequently used.
  • Children’s bedrooms who are light sleepers and need darkness to get deep sleep.
  • Bedrooms of people who work in shifts so they can get proper rest during the day.

Warning: It is unwise to install cellular blinds in your home if it rains a lot in your city


Over time, designers have added a special feature to cellular blinds. It is the capacity of having multiple cells stacked in the pleats. There are both pros and cons to them and you should choose your blinds wisely:

SINGLE-CELLDOUBLE-CELLOften the cheaper optionUsually pricier and expensiveGood at insulating the room and saving energyExcellent insulation and energy efficiencyYou need thicker material to block more lightThinner materials will also do for blocking light

Browse through our vast catalogue and choose your favourite cellular blinds right now.

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