How Our Window Shutters Can Become The Star of Your Kitchen

How Our Window Shutters Can Become The Star of Your Kitchen

Window shutters are a great way to bring life to any part of your home or business. We always recommend that our clients take advantage of the charming and contemporary design of window shutters by making them the highlight of their kitchen. Kitchens are often the centre of a household, making it the perfect place to install your shutters and breathe life into the rest of your home.

Imagining your home with window shutters

With our window shutters, it’s easy to think about a new and improved version of your home. Window shutters are designed to capture the essence of a contemporary or traditional design without sacrificing the functionality and value of its configuration. Ultimately, the impact of window shutters on your kitchen is completely dependent on your choice of shutter and its customisation.

Window shutters are made up of a frame within which there are horizontal slats that can be either fixed or operational and made with a variety of materials. At Empire Window Furnishings, we want to offer our clients several customisation options to ensure that our clients get the aesthetic and furnishing that they desire.

Improve the appearance of your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home. It is often one of the first people see and generally, is where people spend a lot of their time. A kitchen can be prone to feeling dark, cramped and overwhelming if it’s small and cluttered. While shutters can’t help the lack of room in your kitchen, our window shutters can certainly aid in your space’s breathability and the perception of its size.

As window shutters allow natural light and ventilation into your home – Natural light can also illuminate dark corners of your kitchen, making it appear much more spacious and airy.

Making window shutters the focal point of your kitchen

Let’s take a look at how different window shutters can become the highlight of your kitchen.

  • Add drama or a shabby-chic design element with our plantation shutters

    This configuration has wide horizontal slats fitted to the window’s frame and can be swung open and closed like a door. Originating from the South in the United States, it’s no surprise that the timeless and elegant plantation shutters are excellent for keeping homes, particularly kitchens, cool during hot and humid summers.

    For less drama in your kitchen and a shabby-chic aesthetic, we recommend a classic white colour for your windows. The drama of the horizontal slats will not be lost, however, you’ll still benefit from the effortless charm of the configuration. If you prefer a more outstanding option, consider black or dark brown. Both colours will stand out in your kitchen adding either drama or warmth, respectively.

  • Timber plantation shutters can turn your kitchen into a cosy, coastal haven

    Though similar to our original plantation shutters, our timber shutters are unique in that they are made with Paulownia wood. This material has a uniform and fine grain that is light but versatile for several kitchens. While our timber shutters aren’t particularly bold in their appearance, within the right setting, can provide your kitchen with a coastal/bohemian or a rustic/cosy aesthetic, making them the perfect option for seaside cottages or cabins.

  • Modernise your kitchen with our aluminium shutters

    Our aluminium shutters are crisp and clean window furnishings that have the ability to update the aesthetic of any kitchen. Though they are made from lightweight aluminium, these shutters are robust and sleek, offering sharp lines that give a structural and contemporary beauty to your kitchen.

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