How to Use Pivot Awnings to Beautify Your Exterior

How to Use Pivot Awnings to Beautify Your Exterior

When you’re looking to beautify the exterior of your home, you might be confused regarding how to go about it. Sometimes, the options for this are extremely limited which is why you have to get a little creative when you are considering exterior decoration. Luckily, among the different options for exterior decoration, pivot awnings have become rather popular as they make decoration fun and easy.

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In some instances, people don’t even consider getting pivot awnings for their homes as they are popularly used for the windows on a shop or a retail store. On the other hand, if you’re a little creative, you can use them around the house with ease and incorporate a charming theme. If you’re still not sure about why you should be considering them for your home, take a look at these reasons that illustrate this point more and can help you make up your mind.

Add Some Shady Areas

If your house gets too much sun and you’re unable to spend time in your front yard or your back yard without baking in the hot sun, it is a good idea to get a pivot arm awning. This kind of shutter is usually attached to the window or even a wall and can provide a nice shaded area where you can rest, relax and enjoy your time in the sun without getting sunburns from it.

Moreover, it is cheaper than opting to get a patio installed in your home to give you a seating area in your back yard. With a pivot arm awning, you can create some nice shaded areas without having to spend as much. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, a pivot arm awning is the perfect choice to have.

Keep Plants Healthy

Sometimes, when you’re experiencing too much sun in your front yard and back yard, your plants can start to suffer from it. While most homeowners don’t really pay much mind to it, if you enjoy gardening, then you want to make sure that your plants survive. Moreover, too much sun can leave your luxurious, verdant, green yard with an unsightly brown patch of burnt grass. Re-growing can take ages so it is a good idea to be cautious.  

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By setting up a pivot arm awning, you can create some shade and ensure that your plants and a particular area of the turf do not suffer because of too much sunlight. In this manner, you can ensure that once your plants have had enough sunlight, you can put up the pivot arm awning and keep them safe from any unnecessary harm.

Available In Various Colours and Patterns

Like other blinds and shutters, you can easily find pivot awnings in a large number of materials as well as colours and patterns too. Pick from classic choices such as the striped pattern or opt for a touch of colour by picking a bold, solid shade that will make the awning stand out when you open it.

You can also make sure that the pivot arm awning lends a casual or festive air to your yard in this manner. Moreover, the materials you choose can differ as well and you can either get canvas, or opt for some other material that is treated in order to make it more resilient to weather damage. You can even find pivot awnings that have been treated to make them waterproof.  

Easy to Install

Pivot awnings are very simple and easy to install and many people prefer them due to the fact that they do not require a lot of labour or take too much time. In fact, they can even be installed on a same day basis if you’re lucky.

This aspect depends a lot on the availability of the kind pivot arm awning that you’re opting for. If you’re getting one custom made, it can take a few days for it to be produced and installed but if you’re picking one that is available in store, you might be able to have it installed in your place within a day or two.

The best part about pivot awnings is that they are easy to maintain and keep clean. Based on the material that the awning is made from, you can easily have it removed and send it to the dry cleaners or wash it on your own. Moreover, just remember to grease the pivot arms and your awning will stay functional with ease.  

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