The Perfect Window Screens in Sydney

Almost all homes in Australia have some kind of window screens, nowadays. Whether you are looking for protection against the sun or a respite from those hunter mosquitoes, window screens are a must. However, the world of window screens is vast and requires some consideration to ensure that you end up getting the right kind of screens for your homes. Imagine a pleasant day, where everything about the weather is “just right”, but you are unable to open up the windows and letting some of that magic into your home because leaving the windows open would mean leaving yourself defenceless against the onslaught of bugs and mosquitoes that would to follow.

Finding a screen to fit your circumstances is important, to say the least. Let’s take a look at some of the situations that one might face and the screens that can be best used to counter them:

A Buggy Situation
If a problem with bugs is what is forcing you to get a window screen, then you will be best served by choosing from our wide variety of fly screens. Fly screens are bound to keep those mosquitoes from nagging you and your family. However, there are multiple variables that need to be considered when choosing a fly screen, outdoor life being one of them. Our fly screens have been UV stabilised, ensuring that they will offer the longest possible outdoor life for any mesh.
Additionally, you may choose retractable fly screens over the ordinary ones in order to benefit from the added advantages that they have got to offer. Made in an advanced European design, these retractable fly screens span up to 9000mm, requiring only a 30mm reveal depth, ensuring that they are not only unique but durable as well.
A Shady Neighbourhood
If you live in a neighbourhood where there is a high chance of someone breaking into your house at night, or while you’re away, then our Sure Fit Security doors have got just the answer that you are looking for. Available in 316 marine grade mesh and a 7mm Diamond Grille, the sure fit system offers a well-proven wedge system, with increased strength, in a unique design.

The window grilles, in a 7mm diamond texture, add safety to your windows. The burglars will have to think twice before targeting your home because, rest assured, getting through these window grilles will be no joke.

Casual Bush Fires

If you live in one of those areas that are prone to bush fires then choosing from our variety of Alsafe screens and doors has got the answer that you are looking for. Alsafe screens are a combination of 316 marine grade meshes and sturdy aluminium frames. The quality that they offer exceeds the requirements set by the Australian Standards, ensuring maximum security for your homes and offices.

Not only is the mesh resistant to galvanic corrosion (which occurs when different metals are in contact with each other) but it is also non-flammable and fire resistant. This ensures that the mesh will not catch fire, making it perfect for use in areas that are prone to bush fires.

So, if it is professional advice, quality workmanship and customised orders that you are looking for, then Empire Window Furnishings has everything required to cater to your needs. Our products are top notch, not only in terms of quality but also when comes to elegance and style. Once you have found what you are looking for, we have the means to aid you in every step of the installation process as well.

Whenever you are looking for window screens in Sydney, you know where to go!

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