Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot arm awnings are the perfect choice for people looking for an excellent exterior shade that accentuates the beauty of their homes and serves a purpose simultaneously. A pivot arm awning essentially provides shade and allows users to control the air flow which is exactly why they are more popular in hot and wet areas such as Sydney.

This window option was originally designed for those hard to reach windows, but now have become a popular choice for every type of window. These days many people are simply installing pivot arm awnings just because of the unique aesthetic facet that they provide. But besides looking good pivot arm awnings also provide a variety of different profound benefits, some of the most profound benefits are mentioned below to help people understand the true potential of window awnings.

1. Relief from the elements of nature

Come rain or come shine, pivot arm awnings will protect your home from Mother Nature’s elements with ease. These awnings are designed to resist intense heat, strong winds, heavy rain fall and even hailstorms! These awnings have been brilliantly engineered to withstand any type of weather without deteriorating at a rapid rate.

2. Reduce harmful UV ray exposure

The climate change all around the world has increased the amount of UV rays that we are exposed to. These UV rays are not only a serious health hazard but can also ruin the interior of your home, just ask anyone who has furniture placed next to a window. Pivot arm awnings on the other hand are designed to deflect harmful UV rays protecting you and your home!

3. Convenience personified

Another profound advantage of pivot awnings is the fact that they have been designed to be provide with users with convenience levels that they were previously considered impossible. Not only can users open and close the awnings with ease, but they can also adjust the angle using a simple motor.

4. No professional maintenance required

This is the driving force behind the incredible popularity of window awnings as everyone would love to keep their expenses down to bare minimum. Window awnings can be maintained by anyone using standard cleaning products and are actually designed to withstand normal wear and tear. All home owners need is a brush and cleaning products to restore their awnings back to their prior self.  If that’s not enough these awnings are also extremely cost effective in terms of price as other window furnishing options in the market are quite expensive in comparison.

How do Pivot Arm Awnings work?

Pivot arm awnings are designed by using a pivot arc which basically extends and contracts the fabric. Once fully extracted these awnings provide a large area window opening which provides effective air circulation. Some of these awnings have pivot arms which are installed using a slide rail which can be locked at different angles.

However, due to the high demand for these awnings many companies have diversified into this line of work and introduced their own upgrades to the traditional window awnings.  There are many different types available in the market today; all of them provide the same efficiency and benefits. Some of these include internal tape, crank and gear, electric motor and external rope awnings.

So, if you want to revamp your home’s exterior, contact Empire Sydney for high quality pivot arm awnings, awnings that meets your specifications.

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