Plantation Shutters, a Stylish Timber Finish

Plantation Shutters, a Stylish Timber Finish

So you want cover your windows, and keep the sun out, but while doing so, you want to add some style in your living room. Or are you planning out a look for or bedroom? Shutters are obviously what you need, but which ones? Regardless of the space that you want decorate, plantation shutters are a great choice for you.

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Time for a revamp this season

Plantation shutters or plantation blinds are installed on the inner side of the windows. They feature broad louvers, around 3 inches in width, which gives them an elegant look, perfectly suited for your bedroom, the dining room or other areas of your house. Available in a number of shades and stained designs as well, white is still the most sought after colour.

Plantations shutters are made from different materials such as vinyl and composite, but wooden timber ones are our particular favourite.  They are usually with lots of exciting options, so you are sure to find something that contemplates well with the current look of your home.

The ultimate plantation shutter choice for your home

Considering their strength, light weight, highest strength to weight ratio among all types of plantation shutters, wooden shutters, especially the timber finish ones are a popular option. Since wood can easily be moulded in a variety of sizes and shapes, these shutters are available in numerous styles. Plus, you can either get them painted or finish them off with a stained look. In any case, they are a beautiful window treatment.

  • Basswood shutters: Durable and affordable, these shutters feature a tight grain, giving them a beautiful look. Paint them a colour – white works amazingly well – and they are going to look wonderful, instantly beautifying your room.
  • Elmwood: elegant and graceful, Elmwood shutters have a grain that is deeper than basswood. These plantation shutters provide a natural wooden effect that you can further improve with a stained look.
  • Poplar – suited for large windows, poplar shutters have a smooth and natural grain, adding more character and greater styles to your doors and windows. Paint it any colour you like, but we particularly like them in dark shades such as black, walnut or cherry.

Choosing plantation shutters

Frames and dividers

Which kind of plantation shutters are you looking for? There are these full shutters which cover your entire window, and open as a single panel. And then, there are cafe shutters, covering only part of your windows, usually half, for a clear view. Another option is the double hung shutters, which you can open separately at the top and bottom.

You can even install a divider rail, which allows only the top louvers to be opened, and keeps the bottom ones closed. Affix this rail to any height you like, but once you choose, you’ll have to stick with it, unless you reinstall the rail offcourse.


You can mount plantation shutters inside and outside your windows. Check the opening of your windows; is there any moulding around it? If yes or even if you have a decorative trim, you should mount the shutters on the inside. You can attach them to the frame using hinges or you could use a small shutter frame as well, in the shape of an ‘L’.

In all other cases, you should mount outside the window to give it a finished appearance. You can again use the ‘L’ frame, or the ‘Z’ frame this time.

And oh, they are affordable.

Wooden plantation shutters are available in economical rates at Empire Sydney, which makes them quite an affordable home value project. Let’s get yours now.

Refresh your home this season. Plantation shutters are available in a variety of materials including timber. These shutters add a modern touch to your home. Out with the old and in with the new this season. Call us at 131 950 to find out more about our diverse specialised collection customised to the design of your home.

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