Protect your outdoors

Protect your outdoors

Awnings for the unpredictable weather

Awnings provide shade, break strong winds and protection from rain or snow. Homeowners can control the weather on their own terms with retractable models. You can use the home automation system to unroll the awning for protection and shade when the sun gets hot. You can keep temperatures inside cooler as well.

As these coverings prevent the sun from shining through windows and sliding glass doors, you save on air conditioning costs. They also prevent your carpets and furniture from fading due to sunlight. Another advantage is that they provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, protecting them from direct sun.

Ready to install an awning in your property? Drop by the Empire showroom in Sydney to browse through our selection. Our staff would gladly show you around and recommend suitable options.

Awnings wind tolerance Sydney Australia
Awnings display great weather tolerance
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