5 Reasons Why Venetian Blinds are the Perfect Window Furnishing

Versatile and Stylish Home Addition

Selecting the right window furnishing requires a difficult balancing act. You must ensure all practical considerations, such as cost, coverage, and size are met; while continuing to protect the integrity of your room’s design, with material, lighting and style all weighing on your mind as well.

While modern designers have thrown up a variety of different window furnishings to try and solve this conundrum each has its own drawbacks. Curtains and drapes can make a room feel heavy and cluttered, shutting off avenues of natural light, and window shutters can be too bulky and obtrusive for those looking for a streamlined look to their interiors. As is often the case, classic solutions to these design problems still work today; and there’s no window furnishing more classic than the Venetian blind.

History of Venetian Blinds

Venetian window blinds are a style of window furnishing that most likely originated in Persia, before falling into obscurity. However, they were reintroduced to Europe by Venetian traders (hence the name), in the 1700’s, and they quickly became the most popular window furnishing in the continent. Within a few years, Venetian blinds had made their way across the Atlantic to America where they were adopted by many members of American high society. They also found their way into the architecture of many office spaces, and famous official buildings such as Independence Hall and St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia.

Up until the early 1900’s, window shutters had been the most popular window furnishing for Australia’s largely Colonial design buildings. But by the 1930’s these styles had started to fall out of vogue as more modern houses and offices began to be erected. This was when builders here realized that Venetian blinds offered greater protection against the tropical sun in places like Sydney, and started incorporating them into their structures instead.

While recent years have seen Venetian blinds fall in and out of favour, the form and function they provide will ensure that they remain a constant feature in design spaces in Sydney, and across the world.

Advantages of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds consist of 2” horizontal slats hung on either cloth tapes or cords, the slates can be rotated together to over 180 degrees; allowing users to adjust their window furnishing based on how much external light or privacy they require. Most fittings will include both a lift cord and a tilt cord to allow minute adjustment of the slats, although modern solutions include cordless blinds, as well as remote-controlled slats for easier use.
Blinds come in a variety of materials from wood, to plastic to aluminium and can suit any space in your house or office. Here are some benefits they offer over alternative window coverings.


Venetian blinds aren’t just a great style choice for your living room and bedroom, they can fit any environment. If you’re looking to add them to your kitchen or bathroom, simply opt for aluminium or aux wood finishes. These materials will stand up to humidity and moisture without warping, providing a durable window furnishing.


Venetian blinds solve many of the practical problems you face when designing a space, but they’re also great to look at. If you opt for aluminium, plastic or faux-wood finishes then you can achieve your an attractive looking space for a fraction of the price. Especially when compared to other possible window furnishings such as external window shutters or heavy drapes and curtains. They’re also surprisingly easy to install, so whether you opt for a serviceman or you want to DIY it, you’ll be saving money on labour way.

Easy To Maintain

Unlike curtains and drapes, there’s no need to remove these every couple of months to wash, dry and iron. To maintain Venetian blinds all you need to do is run a vacuum over the slats when you’re taking care of the rest of the house. For stubborn stains a washcloth and some mild soap will do the trick.


Venetian blinds provide a great deal of control over the amount of light or visibility you can allow into your home. By adjusting the slats you can either close the blinds entirely, shutting out all external light and any prying eyes, or you can open them all up to enjoy the sunshine and a great view. All options are afforded with minimum effort required.


Venetian blinds are available in a wide variety of colours and materials, so if you’re trying to tie together the theme of your room you can adjust the style of your window furnishing accordingly. These blinds also provide a sleek, simple look that doesn’t interfere with any other elements of the room, while an elegant pair of dark wooden blinds will draw the eye, they won’t make a small space seem cluttered or overstuffed.

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