Reduce the Cost of Power Bill this Season with Roller Shutters

Reduce the Cost of Power Bill this Season with Roller Shutters

The structural design of your house and your window fittings play an important role in increasing the heat content in your house. If most of the windows in the house open in the east, then your house will become really hot during summers.

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According to the statistics provided by the Department of the Environment and Energy, the biggest chunk of energy used in the residential sector goes to heating and cooling of the interior space. In this approaching season of summer, you can reduce the cost of power bills by using different types of window roller shutters on the exterior and interior of your house.

Keep Your House Cool During Summers

Roller shutters are one of the best options on your windows to reduce your energy cost. The high reflectivity of its material (usually aluminium and steel) helps in diverting sunrays back from the window openings of your house. Keeping the shutters closed on the eastern and western windows of your house during mornings and evenings. This will prevent the direct invasion of sunlight inside the house. It will also result in giving you temperature relief by one or two degrees.

Optimise the Working of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Apart from lowering the temperature of the interior space, roller shutters effectively help in trapping chilled air inside. Many times, we have to run our air conditioning unit for longer just because the cool air is seeping out of the room from window openings and other narrow snaps. With perfect fitting of roller shutters on your windows, you can prevent the loss of this conditioned air to the outside environment.

Keep Your Seasonal Game

Roller shutters are not just good as summer window furnishings. They serve the same purpose — of reducing your energy bills — even in the winters by insulating the inside environment. Now chilly winter air will not be able to seep inside through the windows and treated warm air will not escape to the outside.

Ensure Increased Operational Life of HVAC System

Apart from cutting your energy cost, you can also save money on other fronts. For instance, with less load throughout the year, the operational life of your HVAC system will be extended, which entails you will be saved from replacement and repairing costs for a longer time period.

Emission of green house gases has been harming our ecosphere from a long time, resulting in global warming. With the use of roller shutters, you can limit the consumption of energy in your house by making it more energy efficient. It will be a contribution from your side to a cleaner planet and cleaner atmosphere.

Reduce Costs and Increase the Curb Appeal of Your House

Isn’t it a better deal to reduce your energy bills while simultaneously increase the curb appeal of your house by adding shutters on the exterior fascia of the house? Roller shutters comes in different metallic materials and colours so you can choose the option that goes well with the rest of the theme of your house. Having a pleasant look to your house will have a good impression on visitors, and it can also translate into monetary benefits – houses with better looking exterior will get higher price quotes.

Roller shutters are a viable option because they are coated with fade and abrasion resistant and non-corrosive coatings that helps them withstand tough weather conditions of the eastern coast of Australia. They will also save your house fixtures such as furniture and carpet from  sun glaring.

To reduce the cost of energy bills this season or every other season, roller shutters are a good option for the exterior windows of the house. You can order them from a good window furnishing store in Sydney.   

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