Riverwood – Keep Warm this Winter

Riverwood – Keep Warm this Winter

Empire Window Furnishings have installed window coverings all over the Riverwood local area. Riverwood is a lovely suburb located in southern Sydney. It is just an 18 kilometre train ride between Sydney’s central business district and Riverwood Railway Station. If you haven’t already noticed whilst driving along Belmore Road, Empire Window Furnishings have installed window coverings all over the St George Area. Here at Empire Window Furnishings, we got the St. George Dragon supporters covered!

Riverwood winter shutters
Shutters to keep you warm this Winter

Winter is fast approaching! Is your family home ready? If you haven’t already noticed, the weather is changing and it’s getting colder and wetter. With Sydney’s crazy weather, it is more important than ever than to protect your home from the climate. Empire Window Furnishings we have some solutions to the problems you’re about to face in the upcoming months.

Sydney’s Winter Winds

As the weather gets colder, the winds get stronger. Prepare your home for the extreme with some outdoor blinds. This installment will shield your home from the icy winds but still allow the little sunlight to come in. These are affordable blinds that will last the crazy season. Providing comfort and safety from any kind of weather. Call Empire Sydney so that we can help shield you from the cold.

Keep your House Comfortable with Heat Retaining Blinds

As the weather gets colder, electricity bills are definitely going to rise. Empire Window Furnishings believe you can move away from your heater and air conditioner usage and keep it warm and comfortable naturally. By using the right blinds that let the sun in and retain the heat, you can maximise natural heat insulation rather than spending a bomb on gas and electricity. Empire Window Furnishings are happy to help explain why this works and how you can take advantage!

Call Empire Window Furnishings on 131 950. We’ll prepare you for the winter weather and make sure all your windows are covered.

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