Save this Summer with Roller Shutters and Blinds

Save this Summer with Roller Shutters and Blinds

The lowest recorded temperatures in Australia go to just about 8 degree Celsius. And summers do tend to get very hot and humid. With January and February just around the corner, temperatures are likely to go as high as 45 degree Celsius. Summer is a time to enjoy yourself whether it’s at the beach or in the comfort of your home. It’s always refreshing to sip on a glass of margarita after a long day at work.

But what are you going to do about the god damn sun that’s shining through the windows and making the whole house hot as hell? It’s always better to prepare for the summer before it arrives.

Now you could just crank up the air conditioner and cool your house that way, but this comes with exorbitant electricity bills. Not to mention that it is not the most energy efficient and green environment solution to choose. Before spending thousands of dollars on the installation of a central heating and cooling system, you might want to consider a few alternatives to save your summer.

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We’ve all heard of it, but you’ll be surprised to find out that houses are often not equipped with the right insulation and tend to overheat during the summer. Installing good insulation on the roof and the walls not only helps your property stay cool in the summer but also keeps you cosy during winter.

Roller shutters and blinds

Doors and windows are the primary sources of light (and heat) that enter your home. Covering these points will help you reduce heat by a substantial margin. Blinds can be added in many different materials, colours and patterns to window frames whereas for larger openings such as garage doors you can install roller shutters. Both of them have a plethora of types, each with distinct advantages that you should know about.

Types of roller shutters that are available today

There are three types of rolling shutters available. Which one will work best for you depends on your specific needs.

  1. The automatic rolling shutter – these can be fitted to garage doors. Each panel comes with a remote to move the shutter up or down. These generally provide hassle free and hands free usage. You can move the shutter down from your car without having to physically close it by hand. Plus these shutters provide foolproof security to your premises.
  2. Push-pull rolling shutter – these are the oldest types of shutters available in the Aussie market today. Although they are cheaper than the automatic ones, they do require a lot more effort to manoeuvre. You’ll need to manually life them and close them. Having said this, like their automatic counterparts, they do provide exceptional security.
  3. The mechanical gear shutter – these use a gear-mounted with a spinning dial and chain to provide a lever to easily operate the shutter. These are generally used for industrial purposes or wider openings. They are much easier to use than manual shutters but still not as efficient as automatic rollers.

The advantages of roller shutters

Roller shutters are made from heavy strips of steel, aluminium and polycarbonate material which has a lot of advantages:


Being easy to install and light weight, roller shutters are also very easy to use.


Roller shutters are long-lasting and durable. They provide exceptional value for your investment and are best suited for the Australian climate.


They provide the first line of defence against natural disasters and weather hazards as they are wind resistant and impact resistant. Roller shutters also guard the house against fires and rain.


The biggest advantage of roller shutters would have to be the fact that they provide a lot of security against prying eyes, intruders and potential burglars.

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