See Your World in a Whole New Light with Automatic Empire Window Furnishings

See Your World in a Whole New Light with Automatic Empire Window Furnishings

Chiaroscuro. It’s a wonderfully romantic and rhythmic word. In translation, chiaroscuro is Italian for “light and shade”. It was a technique that was emblematic of the works created by the great Renaissance master painters Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt of the 15th and 16th century.

Now you might wonder what chiaroscuro has to do with blinds. Well, there is a simple parallel. When you want to highlight a modern decorator feel or create an aesthetic mood in a room, you can do it all with the use of light and shade, all generated by automatic blinds from Empire Window Furnishings, Sydney.

To provide you with a real sense of what you can accomplish, here are some outstanding examples of how you can achieve that certain look.

These automatic Roller Blinds are really on a roll.

For privacy and control of light, automatic Roller blinds are proving to be a real favourite due to their versatility. With their sleek look, they’re absolutely perfect for any number of rooms in your home including bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. There’s a superb range of sheer, translucent and block out fabrics to choose from.

They’re all well equipped with fine insulation properties to handle summers and winters. And of course the automatic response and control operation is silky smooth.

You can select from Blockout Roller Blinds that are just the thing for bedrooms and living areas. Light filtering Roller Blinds that are great sun filters. Double Roller Blinds provide complete privacy as well as natural ambient light. And automation for all, enables you to control your blinds at any given point.

Automatic Zebra Blinds have really earned their stripes.

Designed with alternating translucent and block-out stripes, automatic Empire Zebra horizontal blinds allow you to control the level of light without raising the whole blind. They work a treat in bedrooms and living areas. There’s a terrific range of designer colours too, and they’re so easy to clean with just the swipe of a cloth.

Aesthetically, automated Roman Blinds are a classic.

Interior designers can’t get enough of Empire Window Furnishings’ automated Roman blinds. It’s because of their versatility and functionality. They can provide efficient temperature and light regulation and the look is truly classic with delicate and soft folds. You can choose from a vast collection of sheer, translucent and block out fabrics in both plain and textured finishes.

There are excellent options too; all automated. You might like horizontal timber battens that will give that stylish, linear look. Plantation or Sewless blinds have a timber ½ round batten to the front and a rectangular timber batten to the rear of the blind. Or the Classic blind with sewn pockets also to the rear of the blind.

Automatic Honeycomb blinds can create a hive of activity

It’s all elegance on display here. Automated Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular blinds, are the most efficient and cost effective blinds out there; all due to their excellent insulation qualities.

Their hexagonal and unique cellular fabrics trap air to ensure your home is refreshingly cool in summer and warm as toast in winter; all the while illuminating spaces with ample natural light.

You have a choice of single and double cells, along with speciality shapes and vertical options with up to 99% block out. Automatic Honeycomb blinds also have an auto balance mechanism where the bottom rail of the blind always stays level. And you’ll be inspired by the decorator colours which will more than enhance the look of any room in the house.

Empire Window Furnishings’ roller blinds are an automatic choice

So, remember that delightful Italian word, “chiaroscuro”; the creation of light and shade. You can do it all with this collection of automated Empire Window Furnishings, Sydney. You’ll be able to create many different moods all around your home, day and night; season after season.

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