Selecting the right roller blinds: mistakes to avoid

Selecting the right roller blinds: mistakes to avoid

Roller blinds are a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and functional window dressing that are popular for use in rooms ranging from studies to conservatories and everything in between. They offer clean lines that go particularly well in modern homes and are effective for energy saving as well as maintaining privacy for you and your family.

While roller blinds are easy to install, it is more common than usual for companies to make a handful of mistakes, which can seriously reduce their functionality and visual appeal. To ensure your roller blind installation is smooth and straightforward, here are a fews things to be mindful of to make the most out of your new blinds.

  1. Getting the measurements wrong

    Ensuring your roller blinds are the correct size will significantly impact their look and performance.

    Firstly, you need to decide whether you want inside mount or outside mount blinds. An inside mount means that the blind sits within the window frame, while an outside mount is for a blind that covers the window pane and the frame itself.

    To measure for an inside mount roller blind:

    • Measure the width across the inside of your window frame at the top, middle and bottom.

    • Measure the ‘drop’ which is the opening from the inside top of the frame to the top of the window sill.

    To measure for an outside mount roller blind:

    • Measure the blind width from the outer edge of the frame. If your window doesn’t have a frame, we advise adding an extra 40mm on either side of the window opening.

    • Measure the drop from the top of the frame/opening down to the top of the sill. If there’s no sill, choose a point just below the window opening. You need to have at least a 50mm width of the frame above your window for outside mount roller blinds to fix the control. If you don’t have this width, you should measure 40mm above the window.

    For both inside and outside mount roller blinds, it’s important to write down each measurement, measure in millimetres (not centimetres) and double-check each measurement.

  2. Choosing the wrong mount type

    We’ve just discussed how to measure for both mount types, but it’s important to understand what these different options mean in practice.

    As outside mounts cover more of the window, they’re more effective at blocking out light. You also have greater flexibility on how high or low you place them relative to the window, as they don’t need to fit within the frame. This can create the illusion your window is bigger than it is.

    Inside mounts are perfect for creating a minimalist look and may be preferable in smaller rooms as they take up less space. They’re also great if you want to show off the woodwork in your home because, unlike outside mounts, inside mounts don’t cover up your window frames.

  3. Carelessly selecting fabric type

    When installing roller blinds, it’s very easy to get carried away with colour and carelessly select your fabric type. Despite aesthetics, fabric is a vital feature of any window dressing. Different fabrics provide different properties, meaning this feature of your blind will determine how effectively it fulfils its purpose.

    For example, blockout fabrics are designed specifically to block out light and prevent heat loss. If you want your roller blinds to perform these duties, you must do your homework and know that a blockout fabric is required for your space.

  4. Avoiding expert advice and assistance

    There’s no need to worry about doing it alone when installing roller blinds because you simply don’t have to. This autumn, Empire Window Furnishings offers up to 30% off selected products plus FREE installation and, as always, free in-home consultations. You can ask all the questions you want and be confident that your installation process will be seamless and headache-free.

To find out more, get in touch with the team today.

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