Selection of Awnings to Best Suit your Home

Selection of Awnings to Best Suit your Home

Selection of Awnings to Best Suit your Home

You won’t just find window blinds and shutters at Empire – you will also find an excellent selection of awnings that provide the perfect shade from the sun! Awnings are a great addition to any home, but they are especially useful in the heat of the Australian sun. They allow you to still enjoy the outdoors when the sun is out and control the amount of sunlight that hits you in the face.

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You will find 4 basic types of awnings in our collection:

Multi-Stop Channel

These are adjustable straight drop awnings, which you can use in a fashion very similar to blinds. You can lower them to the floor, or you can raise them as much as you want. They are called Multi-Stop because they can be ‘stopped’ at multiple points, instead of just being close or open. These awnings are fantastic if you have a room in an outdoor area where you like to pass the time.

Straight Drop Veranda

As the name suggests, these are the simple awnings which drop down when needed. These are used because multi-stop awnings need channels on both sides. Sometimes you need an awning in a place where you cannot install channels. Since straight drop veranda awnings do not need any channels, they can be installed painlessly anywhere that you need them. These are great if your house wasn’t made with awnings in mind but you still want to increase the amount of shade available in your home.

Pivot Arm

These are the awnings that are a common sight all around the world. They rest on an arm at an angle. The angle allows them to provide shade to an area around the wall on which they are installed.

If you want to add a shade around an outdoor area, these are the perfect solution. They also work wonders for windows – you will be surprised at how much cooler your room feels when you have one of these installed. Since they stop the sunlight at an angle, they can cover the window and a large part of the wall of your room from the sun. This results in a cooler room because the window is the main entry of external heat.

Folding Arm

These rest on a folding arm. The advantage of the folding arm is that these can be horizontal, unlike the pivot arm awnings which are at an angle. These awnings can be fully straightened and thus, they provide shade to a much larger area than the other type of awnings. Folding arm awnings are perfect if you have a pool in your house, or if you want to sit outdoors without being burned by the sun.

Our window blinds and shutter collection contains all of these awnings in multiple colours, designs, and materials. These awnings can add a lot of style to your house. More importantly, they can add a lot of functionality to your house as well. Areas that were directly hit by sunlight will now be areas of shade.

If you really want to increase the shade but don’t want to do any expensive construction, you should get a folding arm awning. If you want to have a cool area outside your room, you should get the pivot arm awnings. If you want to add an awning without any channels, you should get the straight drop awnings.

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