Shutters Provide Heat Retention & Natural Insulation

Shutters Provide Heat Retention & Natural Insulation

Need to keep warm but don’t want high energy bills? Empire Window Furnishings has your solution: heat retention and natural insulation! We are the experts when it comes to window shutters. The team has experience and expertise with a variety of different materials including polymer, aluminium and timber. Empire Window Furnishing has your windows covered for all your residential and commercial needs.

Shutters that insulate heat
Shutters insulate heat and keep your home warm

Window shutters can work wonders for your home. Did you know that shutters and blinds contain thermal properties? These thermal properties can be utilised to help you keep warm this winter. The significant value that shutters bring to your home is phenomenal and will not go unnoticed. By installing shutters, you will have a naturally warmer home as well as see reductions in your expensive energy bills.

In recent years household electricity prices have significantly increased. To be exact, in the past five years energy prices have grown 110%! The biggest contributors to the soaring prices are air conditioners and heating systems. People try and warm up their house artificially and trust us when we tell you it’s expensive! The reason behind this is due to Sydney’s fluctuating weather. The extreme conditions the Sydney metropolitan area faces make it more important than ever to create natural insulation with the right home window shutters. Winter is coming so make sure you’re prepared so it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to stay warm and comfortable.

Understanding heat retention and insulation is crucial. Heat retention is when your space is able to hold onto and maintain its temperature. It is important to understand how to utilise this in order to minimise the use of air conditioners and heaters. Did you know up to 87% of heat is gained through the windows? Or did you know that 40% of heating is also lost through the windows? For this reason, you need to strategically place your shutters on certain windows in order to maximise heat retention. Putting them on every window may be counterproductive to what you’re planning to do. Lucky for you Empire Window Furnishing is ready to help.

Stay warm this winter by calling Empire Window Furnishing Sydney on 131 950. Here at Empire Window Furnishing, we got you covered.

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