Staying home and Passing the time – What’s your corner?

Staying home and Passing the time – What’s your corner?

With the ever-evolving cycle of coronavirus news, I think most of us are going through worry and outright panic. We worry about our family, friends, neighbours – we wonder what will happen to our country, our jobs and our economy. Worries that are all valid and might be our new norm for the foreseeable future. We are frantically looking into cleaning products, masks and hand sanitizers in our weekly shopping list.

We are now becoming more familiar with our indoor home walls, and family members in a way never thought possible. We’ve all become frustrated at not being able to do a lot of things, but there are times that we are also thankful that we are together safe and getting to spend this time as a family.

I’ve taken up my bedroom as my go-to room when I need a break, with a cup of my favourite tea, looking out of my balcony door. These are all things that soothe me and makes me feel better when I want some alone time. And I know I’m not alone when I tend to gravitate towards the bedroom as it’s a private space that makes you feel secure.

Any rooms with plenty of sunlight and fresh air is always a good place to catch up on your thoughts and relax in.

People working from home also tend to sit in their home study or the dining table. Having plenty of light when you need to relax is essential in taking a break from everything.

We also tend to gravitate towards the living space when the family gets together for meals, to chat or to watch TV. Playing video games or board games, cooking or watching TV can help take your mind off stressful topics while improving the mood.

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Everyone has their own coping mechanising and methods, and we can do our bit by staying safe and help keep our community safe. Reaching out by a phone call to your friends, family or neighbours can lift your and their day. The best way forward is to be thankful for all that we have and the time we get to spend with each other in trying times.

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