Straight Drop Veranda Awnings Functional Outdoor Addition

Straight Drop Veranda Awnings Functional Outdoor Addition

The backyard space of most home owners in Australia remains as a rather lacklustre fixture of their house, and indeed the size of the backyard is diminishing. They usually pay very little attention to its maintenance, much less decorating it with pergolas and retractable shades to shield from the heat of the sun scorched summers. This inattention owes primarily to the rather expensive nature of some enthusiast grade installations. But your perfect backyard does not have to be an amazing affair either.

Awnings Sydney straight drop
Stylish straight drop awning

The reality is that the premium you pay for your porch can significantly increase the retail value of your house. A well manicured front yard and backyard not only look elegant but also instil a luxurious aura about the house, adding to the practical value of the deck and selling it back to the market yields around 80% of your investment.

So in the long run you’re only paying a few thousand dollars to completely revamp your front yard for the better. But it’s not just about buying and installing whatever items you can get your hands on: what you buy should complement the local flora and fauna of the landscape while beautifying your home at the same time. This requires a considerable amount of time to come up with a well thought out front and back yard design, a difficult process which could be streamlined by consulting with Empire Window Furnishings.

Most homeowners only use up around 5-10% of the land available to them. Consider 1 acre land upon which sits a 3000 square foot house. That leaves more than 40,000 square feet of space available. As it stands, most Australian home owners don’t really put much thought into their living spaces and allow the local wildlife (squirrels and rodents) to occupy that precious land.

But there are numerous cost effective ways to transform that dull wildlife preserve into a unique retreat for your friends and family. Below are two of them;

Wooden wall decorated with plants

Wooden walls don’t cost much and add a rather vintage touch to your front yard. They are extremely receptive to paints from all makes and models – giving your creativity the free hand to completely go berserk with innovative ideas and designs. They are light, cheap and ultra easy to install which makes them the ideal DIY project if you’re up for that kind of hassle.  

Now, the best way to enhance the wooden wall is install pots on to them (they can have their own unique paints) which should contain plants and herbs of your choice. To get privacy from prying eyes, consider installing veranda awnings and maximize the space on your patio for other recreational activities.

Outdoor Kitchen

Installing a behemoth outdoor kitchen can take a surprising toll on your budget, but completely transforms your porch into an excellent avenue for those memorable get-togethers. It’s even better when the surroundings are laced with colourful foliage.

Some of the ingredients you would likely require are a stainless steel cabinet under a granite countertop with a refrigerator attached onto the sides and of course – a high end grill. Depending on how many neighbours surround your porch, you would need some much needed seclusion.

The perfect solution would be installing the straight drop veranda awnings which are designed to maximise privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the feel of being in the outdoors. Empire Window Furnishings offers affordable awnings at a comfortable price point.

No matter what setting you use for your porch, the unique design of these awnings would cover all your themes and colour palettes – bringing in privacy, protection from the gruelling sun and tumultuous weather and ease of use in an affordable package. Purchase now for an unbeatable 50% off.

Straight drop veranda awnings are designed to maximise the use of your outdoor area by keeping the area cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Other benefits include privacy, weather protection and ease of use. For more information, call us at 131 950 or visit our showroom.

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