Uplift and Protect Your Home with Aluminium Shutters

Uplift and Protect Your Home with Aluminium Shutters

Have you seen those residential areas with white houses along both sides of it? Many of them use aluminium shutters to get that cool look. In most parts of Australia, people have taken to this minimalist style of exterior design and say it has worked out really well for them.

For the past 15 years, white shutters have been in fashion and continue to be popular. They can be a long term investment, so it’s always better to do a bit of research before you get some for your home or office.

Why do you need Shutters in Australia?

Australia, as you already know, is generally a hot and humid country. Cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and New Castle, especially get very sticky in the summers. And with this humidity comes rust.

When oxygen mixes with metals such as iron and steel, it causes oxidation, which in-turn creates rust. Rusting is not good for metal since it weaken the structural integrity of the materials used. Why would anyone want window furnishing that rust and require constant upkeep. Not only this – but corroded window fittings are sure to act as an eye-sore as well.

Aluminium shutters are a great alternative for such weather conditions.

Aluminium shutters Australia design
Style and security

Isn’t aluminium a metal?

Aluminium is a metal, but it has different properties to say, iron. It is light and easily shaped. Also, aluminium does not rust and so it makes a perfect material for use in the exterior of your house or office premises.

Some people would have you believe that aluminium also rusts like other metals but that is not the case. That’s a myth propagated because of its metal classification. Yes, aluminium does corrode when it mixes with oxygen. But this corrosion creates a layer of protection around the metal making it stronger rather than weaker.

Keep the light out

Windows allow the sun to light up the room but sometimes it just so happens that you could do with a little less sunlight. You might want to consider aluminium shutters for the exterior of the house. Due to their cutting edge design and user-friendliness, aluminium shutter these days you control over how much light you actually want to let in and at what time of the day.

The upside of using aluminium shutters

White aluminium shutters uplift your house aesthetic beauty like nothing else. They give it that modern look that most people desire in their homes. Aluminium shutters are available in different designs, colours and finishes which means you can choose the one that goes better with the rest of the theme of the house.

Aluminium shutters are easy to maintain. They just need regular cleaning from time to time to maximise their lifespan.

It’s easier than you think

Aluminium shutters are comparatively easier to install than other shutters. They don’t take as much time and also provide protection for windows and other furnishings from rust and damage. If used correctly, aluminium shutters provide unparalleled protection against weather and natural disasters.

The downside of using aluminium shutters

Aluminium is one of the metals that conducts and absorbs a lot of heat. That is why it is not suitable for use indoors. If you live in a generally hot region of the country, white aluminium shutters are the way to go. Your best bet would be to make sure that your shutters aren’t under direct sunlight.

Get a quote today

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