Use Curtains to Strengthen Home Security

Use Curtains to Strengthen Home Security

Curtains are a necessary part of a modern home today. Whether you live in an apartment, a cottage, a mansion, or in anything with walls and a ceiling, you use curtains. That is because you certainly want windows so you may enjoy light and the warmth of the sun during the day, but you have to keep them covered because nobody likes strangers peeking in their home.


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No home is made without doorways and no doorway looks beautiful without a curtain draping down the empty space inside, hanging low to the ground, and breaking the stillness as it sways in the breeze.

That sounds like a truly peaceful scene, but curtains have much more purpose than something that fills space. They come handy for a number of reasons and are used in just about every modern home around the world.

  • Curtains provide privacy from the peering eyes of neighbours and passersby.
  • They add to the interior of your home by complementing the walls and furnishings.
  • They let you divide your bigger rooms into sections so one room can be used as two.
  • You need one for your shower for privacy and to keep the water from splashing around.
  • They give privacy within your home when you hang them in doorways between rooms.

If you are still unsure on whether or not to use curtains for your home, we would suggest you consider it seriously for all of these benefits this simple addition to your home’s interior can bring along.

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There are numerous types of curtains. Since curtains have been a necessary part of homes for centuries, they evolved over time with the uses they were put through by people of many cultures and regions. Those living in clay cottages in the desert have always preferred light fabric with dull, dark colours to keep the hot sun out of their homes. Those who lived in royal mansions of Europe preferred pale twin pleated curtains where the curtain was more a symbol of aesthetic pleasure than keeping the welcome sunlight out.

In the modern times, curtains have become more sophisticated and categorised.

  • Curtains are designed in a number of ways for varying looks and uses.
  • Each section of the curtain has become a specialised part that is designed separately.
  • There are many types of curtain headings these days that affect the look of the curtain.


Curtain headings are a common way of choosing what look your curtain will give to your guests because it can drastically change the overall look of your rooms. The three most popular heading styles are:

  • Pinch Pleated: These headings are much popular in formal settings because they give a symmetric look to the window or doorway, owing to the uniform folds they create across the curtain.
  • Gathered: These headings reflect a much casual look, as they do not make the curtain pleats fall symmetrically.
  • Knife Pleated: This heading gives your curtain a sharp look that is favourable for formal settings, especially in offices.


We have a versatile collection of curtains in our vast catalogue ready for your consideration. You can view curtain options with regard to heading type, colour, fabric, and sizes. Feel free to ask us a question by using our Contact Us form.

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