Venetian Blinds, a Perfect Window Furnishing

Venetian Blinds, a Perfect Window Furnishing

Venetian blinds, why so popular? Why are they one of the bestselling window blinds and shutters in Sydney and the rest of the world? The biggest reason is the amount of style that they add to a room. It is hard to decorate rooms in a modern and chic way.

If you want the traditional look in a room, you can simply get any window covering, but if you want to try something stylish and something new, you need venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds
Make the right decision, know your facts

Here are some ways you can use venetian blinds to add  character in a room:

They make a room look lively.

There are certain rooms which shouldn’t feel cosy. If you have kids, then you want to make sure that your kids study in a room that keeps them active. A great way to do this is to use white venetian blinds in such rooms. White venetian blinds are usually associated with schools and offices – they are used in offices and schools for the same reason. They give off an active vibe, and they also make a room look bright.

Venetian blinds helps you achieve a minimalist look.

You don’t have to follow convention – you can add a sleek futuristic tough to your room by using black venetian blinds. It might sound strange, and it might even clash a bit with your existing paint, but that’s the whole point.

Black venetian blinds look fantastic in rooms that have light coloured paint on the walls. They contrast very nicely. This is a trend we are now starting to see in offices and homes. Another advantage of black venetian blinds is that they also block more sunlight, since they are black.

If you have black chairs or anything else in the room, then the effect is going to be even better. It is a very modern approach to room décor but it works.

They make a room look chic.

If you want to take a modern yet chic approach, then you should use a lot of colours but make sure the colours are a bit muted. That’s the secret to using colour when it comes to things like blinds. If you use colours that are too bright all over the home, there is a chance that it may end up looking gaudy or tacky.

Use colours that are slightly muted and the problem goes away. Your rooms will look much better – instead of the standard shades of white and brown there will be exciting colour in them! Go with colours like blue, green, orange, or red for the best effect. You can also pair up the venetian blinds with your upholstery for a stronger effect.

They add a feed of cosiness to a room.

Want that cosy touch in your room? You should look at getting wooden venetian blinds. This includes both; blinds that are made from wood and blinds that have the same colour or pattern as wood. This instantly adds a cosiness to any room, and adds a traditional touch as well. This is also a great idea if most of your furniture is wooden. You will not believe how much of a difference it makes to have wooden slats – the room instantly just feels better to be in.

What to Know More about Venetian Blinds?

When you buy venetian blinds, you’ll find that there are actually quite a few things to think about. At Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney, we’ve gathered some useful tips for prospective buyers:

First of all, you need to be sure that you are going to buy the correct size for every window that you have in your home. If you don’t measure the size properly, installation will not be possible. To be sure, let our team take care of this entire process

The second thing to know about venetian blinds is in regards to dust. Due to the horizontal positions of blinds, the window covering will collect dust and other small particles. This is why regular Venetian blind cleaning and maintenance is important. It is easy to do and will only require a quick wave of a dust absorbent cloth.

If you are curious about what type of blinds will look best in your room, simply talk to our team. We would love to show you our collection of blinds.

Empire Window Furnishings Sydney have the perfect window furnishing options for your residential or commercial space. We supply a variety of different window products, including and not limited to vertical blinds, cellular blinds and curtains. If you have any questions and seek to find out more, call us at 1300 950 950.

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