Why are folding arm awnings the secret to an enjoyable summer?

Why are folding arm awnings the secret to an enjoyable summer?

Warm weather is on the horizon in Sydney. With some of our hottest days just months away, homeowners are in search of products that allow them to enjoy the beautiful sun and warm weather while also staying cool and comfortable. At Empire Window Furnishings, we often recommend our folding arm awnings as the product that allows you to best enjoy summer. However, many clients are wary of awnings because they aren’t familiar with their value or configuration. In this article, we’ll discuss why we believe folding arm awnings can be a great addition to your home.

An awning is an overhang or a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. For our article, we’ll be looking at folding arm awnings. Folding arm awnings support the structure of the awning with an “arm”. As the arm can “fold”, the user is able to retract the length of the awning and fold the awning away for later use.

Let’s now take a look at why a folding arm awning is our secret to an amazing summer.

It protects your furniture (and you)

Part of enjoying the summer is lounging and entertaining on your deck or patio. To make use of your outside space, you need furniture. Many furniture pieces are made of timber or plastic and fitted with furnishings that are manufactured from linen and dyed fabrics. These materials are subject to fading when hit with direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Our folding arm awning in sphysically protects these items so that they do not deteriorate or harm your summer patio’s aesthetic.

Additionally, the folding arm awning protects you and your kids from being burnt by the sun’s harsh rays. While we know most people are looking forward to a summer tan, too much sun can be uncomfortable. You can fold the awning away if you’d like to enjoy the sun and bring it back out whenever you want protection.

Reduces costs by keeping the area cool

During the summer, most people’s utility bills skyrocket because of the usage of cooling systems such as fans and air conditioning. An awning would greatly reduce the need for these cooling systems as it protects the area from becoming too hot from the sun’s rays.

Add functionality to your space

How many times have you wanted to crank up the grill or allow your kids to play but it’s simply too hot? You’ll never have to stress about getting burned, your kids getting sick or being too uncomfortable on one of those scorching days. Our folding arm awning in Sydney is available in blockout and sunscreen fabrics. It can provide excellent protection from the sun, ensuring you have comfortable space to do whatever you like. Soon, your house will be the one that everyone wants to hang out in during the summer.

Empire Window Furnishings manufactures our awnings with longevity in mind

As we know, Sydney’s summers are brutal, however, our Empire Window Furnishings awnings can withstand the weather impressively. They are made with high-quality fabric awnings as well as durable powder coats and hardware, enabling you to enjoy our robust product for endless summers. We also recommend that users fold the awning to protect it when it’s not in use.

You can customise your folding arm awnings however you’d like. Our products are available with different features, including:

  • crank and motorised operation
  • wind sensors
  • varying powder coated finishes
  • open style, semi and full cassette options
  • an array of fabric colour options

Combined, these features allow you to develop a folding arm awning that’s not just aesthetically complementary to your home, but meets your lifestyle needs.

We offer more awnings at Empire Window Furnishings

You may find that a folding arm awning is not the right choice for you, or that there is an even better option at our store. We carry several awning configurations so that our customers can find the awning that meets every one of their needs. Here are the options:

Click on the links provided to learn more about each product. If you’d like more advice or information regarding these products or our folding arm awning in Sydney, reach out to our customer service team. They’ll be more than happy to listen to your needs, recommend products and guide you through their specifications.

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