Here’s Why Roller Blinds are Australia’s No.1 Choice

Best Here’s Why Roller Blinds are Australia’s No.1 Choice Sydney & Wollongong - Empire Window Furnishings

It’s easy to see why roller blinds are so popular, as you can’t surpass their functionality, usefulness and aesthetic. Sleek and streamlined, roller blinds enhance any space with their minimalist look and instantly create a sense of order and calm in busy areas such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s a roller blind to suit […]

Selecting the right roller blinds: mistakes to avoid

Selecting The Right Roller Blinds - Elegant Roller Blinds in Sydney

Roller blinds are a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and functional window dressing that are popular for use in rooms ranging from studies to conservatories and everything in between. They offer clean lines that go particularly well in modern homes and are effective for energy saving as well as maintaining privacy for you and your family. While […]

5 Ways Roller Blinds Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Choose Comfortable Roller Blinds - Roller Blinds Near me

The goal of any homeowner is to have a home that is comfortable, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing. Although it may seem easy to achieve, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. At Empire Window Furnishings, we pride ourselves on our roller blinds – they are more than just sleek and modern, they provide the utmost comfort […]

Roller Blinds, a Contemporary Addition to your Home

A Contemporary Roller Blinds Near me - Roller Blinds In Sydney

Roller blinds are becoming some of the bestselling window blinds and shutters that we have. We aren’t surprised at this at all, because we know why people are buying them. Roller blinds are one of the best ways to make your home look more contemporary. It’s important for people to add a touch of contemporary style […]

Roller Blinds, Perfect Addition to your Home

Perfect Addition To Your Home with Roller Blinds

Use Venetian Blinds to Upgrade your Interiors It’s all about making your home modern and smart home nowadays and it can be rather challenging to ensure that your home is in line with this theme. If you’re thinking about how to ensure that your window blinds and shutters can be utilised to add a modern […]

Extensive Collection of Roller Blinds to Choose From

Sydney Roller Blinds - Extensive Collection of Roller Blinds Near me

When it comes to window blinds and shutters, one thing that you need is variety. Roller blinds are one of the most useful types of window blinds and shutters, but you have to make sure that they fit in with your home. This is a common complaint people have when it comes to roller blinds – that […]

Find the Right Roller Blinds for You

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Roller blinds come in designs that are practically limitless. Educate yourself on the various types and functions available so you don’t get overwhelmed on your shopping trip. Our Empire Window Furnishings consultants have identified key selection guidelines, which we will be sharing in this post. Tips in Choosing for Roller Blinds 1. Window blinds should be designed to […]

Roller blind selection tips from experts

Roller Blind Selection Tips From Experts - Roller Blind in Sydney

Top tips when choosing a roller blind style Learn to choose the right roller blind with tips from Empire Window Furnishings consultants in Beverly Hills. In general, the blind should be designed to match the house and should look attractive. Always test them to ensure that the hem rail is heavy enough to allow the blind to […]

Variety of Styles – Customised Interior Design using Roller Blinds

Variety Of Styles Roller Blinds - Top Roller Blinds Near me

In recent years, roman blinds have become increasingly popular, offering a modern and contemporary style to your home. Made with fabrics designed to withstand the strong sun rays and ultra violent light, these blinds are a good choice for the Australian climate. Find out more about the latest blind trend. Call us today on 131 950 and speak […]