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Oh glorious sleep, how we love your refreshing ways. Seriously, is there anything like a night of good sleep to rejuvenate the senses and restore energy levels? And yet, so many of us compromise on the quality of our z’s. Some of us go to bed too late, and others have uneven eating patterns. However, there’s one sleeping problem that’s an easy fix, and that’s the reduction of sunlight.

Look, windows are all fine and dandy, but once they start interfering with snooze time, we’ve got some trouble. Having light fall on your face should simply not be the reason behind poor sleep. And that’s why you need high quality blackout curtains to block away the pesky light when you’re trying to rest.

Blackout curtains stop light from passing through to your room at all, thanks to their construction from extra tight woven fabrics, as well as to special treatments. These allow you to have a better level of control over the amount of light in your room. They’re used just like normal curtains, but because they’re designed specifically to stop light from entering living spaces, they’re ideally used in the bedroom. Read on to discover why these are the best choice for the committed sleeper.

Why Should You Get Blackout Curtains in Sydney?

You can go absolutely dark.

Blackout curtains are an excellent solution for people who have trouble sleeping during the day due to constant sunlight. In fact, some curtains can even go ahead and block around 99% of the light entering a room! They’re especially beneficial for households that have younger children who are prone to waking up when there’s light (which is usually throughout the day, considering how children’s rooms tend to be well-lit). They’re also of great benefit to shift workers who work odd hours and might not be able to sleep during the night. It’s hard for these workers to sleep even without the added hindrance of light, and their irregular sleeping patterns could put them at risk of certain health problems. High quality curtains can do much to make them more comfortable and improve their sleeping experience.

And let’s not forget how this total darkness would improve movie nights! Your TV screen won’t have to compete with any other sources of light, meaning your movie viewing will be as close to going to a theatre as possible. Simply snuggle in bed with some popcorn and the lights off in order to replicate the cinematic experience.
Blackout curtains also block sound

These curtains are purported to block around 40% of all external sounds, which should obviously help enhance one’s sleeping experience even further. This is because blackout curtains are constructed from heavier and thicker fabrics, and have lining at the back. All of this enables them to absorb quite a lot of sound.
Of course, the curtains won’t drown out all sound, but they should certainly make an extremely noticeable difference. If you’re a light sleeper who is easily woken by slight sounds, you should definitely invest in blackout curtains. This should prove to decrease the chances of you waking up at random times during your sleep. Again, they’re also a good investment if the house contains young children (who tend to be light sleepers), or shift workers who can’t afford to lose out on their sleep.

It will help reduce your energy costs.

Nothing increases your energy costs like the heating and air conditioning. These tend to be the most expensive factor in the energy bills. And windows account for a total of 10 to 15% of energy being lost. This makes curtains a doubly attractive option for the ordinary homeowner, since they contribute to reducing these energy costs (by 25%, according to some estimates). In the winter, the curtains will allow you to keep the heat within the room instead of being lost through the windows. And in the summer, they’ll reflect heat outside, thus reducing the need for you to switch on the air conditioner at the drop of a hat.

Blackout curtains can be sized according to your needs and used in any room.

Blackout curtains are generally used on large windows in order to eliminate large amounts of light. However, it’s extremely easy to either find or customize these curtains for smaller windows, if need be. It’s easier to employ curtains for this purpose than blinds or shades, which can be difficult to size according to your specific requirements. Plus, these curtains also come complete with eyelet headers or pencil pleats, making them just as easy to fit on a curtain pole or curtain track as any other curtains. They can therefore be used in any room at the house at all, though as we mentioned in the introduction, their light cancelling properties make them especially suited to the bedroom.

Go dark with blackout curtains

Curtains are a great solution for households with young children or shift workers. As the name implies, these block light from coming into a room. This is an important benefit for those who have difficulty sleeping during the day due to sunlight. Some types can even stop up to 99% of light from entering into the room.

Other benefits include the reduction in energy costs as well as keeping the heat in the room during the winter, and reflect heat out of the room during the summer.

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