Why Basswood Plantation Shutters are the Interior Option of Choice

Wood has been used for construction in Australia since time immemorial. The wood used in construction nowadays is treated with different preservatives to stop natural degradation. Sapwood is found just under the bark of trees, and is naturally resistant to decay as well as termites. This sapwood is treated with chemicals to allow durability to it in construction.

Another kind of wood used in shutters is basswood. Basswood plantation shutters are great window accompaniments that you can use to add a whole new level of detail to your home. So what is the reason that plantation shutters are the popular accompaniment of choice.

Basswood and its Durability for Shutters

Some of the greatest sounding electric guitars have basswood necks. The reason being that basswood has some exceptional sound conduction properties. Hollow instruments such as the flute, ocarina, oboe and yes even the mythical didgeridoos has some elements of basswood construction.

The trees from which basswood is extracted belong to the Tilia family. Basswood also goes by the name Linden sometimes. The trunks of the Tilia trees have tough trunks. The tree doesn’t produce extra resin than need be so that it can be painted over easily. The finishing is also easy because of the lack of resin. Basswood falls in a category of hardwood. It is the manufacturing material of choice for many plantation shutters because of its lightness and strength.

Basswood plantation shutters don’t warp or twist over time with exposure to moisture, heat and winds. It doesn’t curve under pressure. That’s one of the reasons why plantation shutters made of the remarkable basswood are widely preferred.

If you’re worried that your plantation shutters will become worn out and disfigured over time, basswood plantation shutters are the best choice you have. They will not bend and crack with moisture and heat.

Basswood Plantation Shutters Are Highly Practical

Basswood constructed plantation shutters are practical in every sense of the word. They allow you to have complete control over what enters and exits through your windows. You can have insulation and ventilation at will. For instance, you need to have insulation due to the gap between your windows and the shutter itself.

The ever climbing utility bills can be reduced in both summers and winters when your indoor air stays trapped inside. The angled blades for an outdoor plantation shutter allow water to fall right off in case of a heavy rain.

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You can just as easily open the basswood plantation shutters to allow for a cross draft to naturally cool your home in the summers. For sunlight you can adjust the blade aperture to a perfect position that allows sunlight into your house while you avoid the glare.

Basswood Plantation Shutters Are Immensely Customisable

There are various sizes and blade widths to choose from when it comes to plantation shutters. This matters when you need to decide whether to treat your windows using two basswood plantation shutters instead of four. People try and aim for a cleaner look and opt for the wider blades, but that’s totally up to your needs.

Other than the different blade sizes, nothing beats the distinct pattern of wood. If you are searching for plantation shutters for your study or kitchen, basswood shutters will complement the overall look of your room. There’s a wide array of colours and finishes available in basswood plantation shutters that will match any shelf or cabinet.

Basswood shutters may be configured to suit your needs. Choose whether you’d like for them to be hinged, sliding or fixed. A property of basswood is that it is solid all the way through and is not porous. This allows adhesives to fix the basswood to multiple surfaces for a solid joint for maximised durability and strength.

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