Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Homeowners

Lately, we have been on the quest for the best window treatment options. While most of us can easily choose the right curtains in your home, there remains arises the conundrum when we have to choose between the other options. One consumer favourite springing up amid the conundrum is plantation shutters

These shutters have been around for some time. However, it has only been recently that they have gained popularity amongst consumers. The latest rave has been inspired by the benefits that plantation shutters bring to the picture. Here we will be mentioning a few of the benefits that you will be getting once you install plantation shutters in your home.


Plantation shutters are perfect for properties that are located adjacent to a busy street. The lower louvers, at the bottom of the shutters can be closed by tilting them, so that no one gets to have a look inside. By flexing the upper louvers a bit, you can also ensure that the light coming in is not compromised for the sake of your privacy. Being able to maintain your privacy in busy areas is a ‘dream come true’ for homeowners, thanks to the versatility that is promised by these shutters.

Sound and Thermal Insulation

When the louvers or panel doors are shut down or closed, the panels create a wonderful layer of insulation, serving as a barrier towards sound waves. Insulation has been researched to be an excellent addition to your home and can really improve the level of sound coming in to your home from outside. If you live in a busy street or have bickering neighbours, you will greatly benefit from the insulation that will limit all sound waves from entering your house.

Moreover, the insulation can also help regulate the temperature inside your home. If the shutters live as per their expectations, you will have a nice cool weather during the summers and a mild temperature indoors during winters. This will reduce both your heating and cooling bills that can be a menace to pay off on a normal basis. The circulation of air would also mean that you breathe in fresh air, rather than the artificial air from the conditioner that can be expensive and harmful if used on a consistent basis.  

Variable Designs

Generally speaking, there are three basic types of window blinds – horizontal, vertical or solid. The horizontal or vertical blinds refer to the directions in which the window slats are placed. The solid window blind is one in which there are whole pieces of solid material used. That’s not all though – there are endless other variations which further allow you to create the look that you prefer for your home.

There are mini blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds to choose from. Furthermore, there are manually operated blinds, or automated cordless ones which can be operated via a remote control.

Numerous Material Choices

Apart from the other aesthetic benefits proffered by window blinds, the true decorate power lies in the wide variety of material choices available. If you’ve a majority of wooden interior, it’s best that you opt for wooden or timber blinds. However, if they seem a little beyond your budget, you can even choose faux wooden blinds, or bamboo blinds. They aren’t the only options available though – there are also plastic blinds, metal or aluminium blinds, even fabric blinds available for you to choose from.

Colours, Shades and Patterns

There are no limitations when it comes to the range of colours, shades, hues, patterns and even textures which are available for home owners to choose from for their window blinds. The blinds can either be picked up ready-made, ready to install from your local home store, or they can be custom designed to your colour and texture specifications to perfectly match and compliment your room’s interior design and decors.

The colours, patterns and shades of the window blinds all can help alter the overall look of your window blinds – from edgy to industrial, to classic and elegant – you can really play around with the aesthetics of your living space just by changing your window blinds.

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