Plantation Shutters, an Affordable Finishes to your Home

Have you ever got that feeling about your home that it is wonderful, and all, but just doesn’t look quite finished yet? Have you ever wondered about the finishing touch that your home desperately needs but appears to be missing? Well, think no further because we have the answers to your questions.

What you need are plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters add style and elegance to your rooms, but their functions are not restricted to, merely, show. Plantation shutters provide security, privacy and light control better than their alternatives. Such shutters originated from mansions located in the southern parts of the US. But what’s amazing about them is the fact that despite being from the olden times, they have undergone little modifications. This is the secret behind their elegance, perhaps.

Plantation shutters are ideal for managing Sydney’s climate, which loves to play in the extremes. Whether you are faced with hot summers or cool winters, you can be sure that these shutters will help you manage.

These elegant shutters are available in various colours, sizes and materials, all of which serve to add those finishing touches to your homes. If you are looking to change your home into a paradise then do consider the two available kinds of shutters at Empire Window Furnishings:

Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters pride themselves on being strong and lightweight at the same time. Their uniform grain finishes, when combined with their beautiful stains and unique shapes make them a sight to behold. They are made with A-grade timber—not pine—which is the reason why they do not warp. Out timber plantation shutters, additionally, provide excellent insulation within the home, but are not recommended for use in bathrooms and other wet areas, considering the inherent properties of timber. Rest assured, when used in harmony with the surroundings, timber plantation shutters have the capability to leave you in awe.

In the era of climate change, we have found a way to get our raw materials responsibly. We have balanced wood growth with tree removal, growing almost twice as much hardwood as we cut down each year.

E20 Plantation Shutters

Unlike the timber plantation shutters, the roots of which can be found in historical times, e20 plantation shutters are an enhancement to the category of shutters. E20 plantations shutters are made up of a special polymer and have aluminium cores for added stiffness and strength. They are better than timber plantations, when it comes to fixing, and do not crack, split or warp.

The face that they are not made up of timber means that they can be used in all almost all conditions, including the internal, humid and wet areas. They insulate 70% more efficiently than timber, which means that they are perfect for warmer climates. The fact that they insulate so effectively means that they will reduce the power consumption of your air conditioner which, in turn, will save you a lot of money.

Plantation shutters have become a popular, and affordable, way to adding beauty and elegance to your homes. Many manufacturers allow their clients the flexibility having shutters made to their unique desires. Empire Window Furnishings is, without a doubt, at the top of the list.

So, if you are looking for shutters that offer a mixture of durability, quality workmanship and warranty then Empire Window Furnishings is just the place for you. Our variety is fire resistant, hypoallergenic and suitable for, both, internal and wet areas. Don’t believe us? The warranties that we offer on our products and services range up to years. You can be sure that those final touches to your homes will be elegant and affordable, at the same time.

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