Quality Window Furnishings – a Must for Home Window Treatments

The interior and exterior of our homes are fixed with numerous window furnishings. Treatments on windows are important for many different reasons.

  • You can increase the curb appeal of your house by using appropriate window furnishings
  • They are also good to add an extra layer of security to the exterior window furnishings
  • Window treatments are also an important part of interior decor

Window furnishings can be categorised into two distinctive types of treatments.

Hard Window Treatments

As the name suggests, these window treatments are made of hard materials such as metal, wood or vinyl. Blinds, shades and shutters are examples of hard window treatments.

Soft Window Treatments

Window treatments are made of soft materials, usually fabric. Curtains, sheers, drape, valances and roman shades fall in the category of soft window treatments.

Window furnishings can also be set up with the combination of both types of treatments in a layered arrangement.

There are different types of window fixtures you can use to implement different ideas of window treatments.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of horizontal wooden, plastic or metallic slates. They are suspended and tied together with fabric strips. These strips are also used to collectively rotate the slates — which can be rotated up to 180 degrees — for ventilation and lighting purposes.

Venetian Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds can be used on windows if you want to add more style to your window furnishings. Due to their folded appearance, they are durable window treatment option for your interior. They usually come in horizontal setting, just like the Venetian blinds.

Vertical Blinds

For wide and airy windows, vertical blinds are a good choice for window treatment. Vertical blinds can also be used on doors. They can be a good replacement of curtains since they also appear with the same vertical fall. Due to vertical positioning of the slates, they are less likely to collect dust like pleated or Venetian blinds. You can choose a material of your choice that goes well with the rest of your interior — vertical blinds are available in PVC, different fabrics and faux wood materials.


No list of window treatments can be complete without mentioning the traditional curtains. They can be used to style the interior of your house in any way you want. Different designs, fabric and styles of curtains and drapes can be used to give different looks to your decor – whether you’re going for a casual look or a sophisticated one, curtains never fail you. The material or fabric used for curtains can be picked according to different characteristics, for instance;
  • Ability to be easily cleaned
  • Sunlight deterioration
  • Dust retention
  • Fire resistance

There are some treatment options for exterior windows furnishings.

Roller Shutters

For external window furnishings, roller shutters are the best option for many reasons. They provide better deterrence to your house from midnight burglaries and break-ins. They are also able to protect your house from the extremities of temperature and other adverse weather phenomena. They are available in different designs so that you can add style and design to the exterior facade of your house, without having to compromise on the security aspect.


Awnings or overhangs are also used on exterior window furnishings. They provide protection from glare and push rain away from the windows. Awnings are made of two arrangements: fixed and retractable.

Awnings or overhangs

Awnings are made of woven canvas. These can be made of cotton, polyester thread, acrylic, and even Polyester fabric laminated with fabric to increase the durability of awnings.  The canvas is tightly stretched on the light weight structure of aluminium or steel frames. Awnings can improve the outlook of the windows through different colour options and materials.

You can get all these treatment options from a quality window furnishing store in your area.

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