4 Ways to Impress Your Neighbours

The team at Empire Window Furnishings have a range of skills and knowledge. Having been in the industry for many years, we understand the “do’s” and don’t’s” of home styling. Empire Window Furnishing has your windows covered for all your residential and commercial needs. Home shutters are an area of expertise our team specialise in, having provided shutter installations all around the Sydney area.

External shutters used to style a home.

Having extensive knowledge and experience in home fit out’s, Empire Window Furnishing has decided to let you in on four home styling tips and secrets.

1. Window covering

It’s important you keep your house clean and fresh. By cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home you can retain the brightness and shades of the paint. Try using a pressure cleaner to get off those hard to remove the marks and scuffs that occur over time. Keep your family home fresh and bright and impress your neighbourhood.

3. Greenery

You won’t impress any of your neighbours with a bare yard and concrete. Implementing some greenery to your front yard can instantly differentiate you from your neighbours. Plant a tree or grow some flowers, bring some life and texture to your home. It doesn’t even have to be a high maintenance investment! Even some fake green grass can give your home  an aesthetic appeal.

4. The Door

Your front door is the boldest statement your house can give. Its one of the first things your neighbours see and centralises the front of your home. It’s a critical component you need to get right. Make it sharp, colourful, choose a material that stands out. Empire Window Furnishings actually recommend you implement blinds or shutters next to your door in order to compliment it and make an even bigger statement.

With these four home styling tips and secrets, your home will be the neighbourhoods pride and joy. Here at Empire Window Furnishings we love to style windows and help our clients bring a little life and colour to their home. Call us on 1300 950 243 because we got you covered.

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