Folding Arm Awnings Brings Shade to your Outdoors

Almost every other household in Sydney would love the luxury of hosting a barbecue at any time of the day. However, due to the intense heat, even thinking about a barbecue would send shivers down most people’s spines. Forget about barbecues just sitting outside in the heat these days can be torture, but sometimes everyone just wants to sit and relax while breathing in fresh air.

However, now this is possible as folding arm awnings have been introduced in order to solve this dilemma once and for all! These arm awnings have been designed to help every homeowner enjoy the weather while sitting in the shade. This unique product ensures that everyone can enjoy their front porch or backyards without any trouble at all.

At first, these arm awnings were limited to backyards but now they can be installed almost anywhere as long as there is a solid structure that the awning can be attached to. Currently, there are three different types of arm awnings; each of these types is unique in its own perspective. The three different types of folding awnings are mentioned below,

1. Full Cassette Arm Awnings

Out all of the types of arm awnings, the full cassette is the most popular as it is being installed in almost every other home in Sydney. This type of full cassette is enclosed by a head box and a robust bottom bar when it is retracted. Once retracted the head box will enclose the entire awning including the material, tube, motor and folding arms. This type of arm awning has its own set of advantages which are as follows:

  • Can be used on motor homes due to their aerodynamic stature
  • Includes added protection from the weather and other external influences that might cause damage
  • Once fully retracted the head box encapsulates each and every component of the awning
  • Readily available in the market

2. Semi Cassette Arm Awnings

Another popular type of arm awning is the semi cassette which is offered at a different price bracket compared to full cassettes. This arm awning essentially is just like a full cassette with the underlining difference of the head box. The head box included in this type of awning does not fully encapsulate the entire structure as the arms and a portion of the fabric is still visible. Some of the profound advantages of this arm awning are as follows:

  • The head box is designed to be aesthetically appealing
  • The semi cassette is designed to protect the fabric from damaging elements
  • Cost effective compared to full cassettes
  • Provides more flexibility when it comes to mounting and installing the arm awnings

3. Standard Folding Arm Awnings

In Sydney, standard folding arm awnings utilize a basic folding arm concept that does not have a head box attached to the structure. This type of arm awning essentially has two arm or more retractable arms and a cross bar design to provide users with immense convenience when it comes to retracting the fabric. Out all of the arm awnings, this is the most cost effective as it is offered at the lowest price tag and its valance options is the driving force behind its incredible popularity in the market today. Some of the benefits that this type of arm awnings provides are as mentioned below,

  • Basic design
  • Crank operation so no chances of a mechanical break down
  • Head box can be purchased separately and installed
  • Most economically priced compared to its counterparts in the market

If you are having trouble determining which type of arm awning best suits your situation, simply contact a renowned window furnisher in Sydney to help you make the right decision! One thing is for sure, you will not regret installing one of these arm awnings.

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