What Types of Awnings Can I Install in My Home?

Awnings have the ability to enhance the facade of your home while also serving a very important functional purpose – providing shade on some of Sydney’s hottest days – Empire Window Furnishings offers an impressive and wide array of awning configurations for homes and businesses.

Every awning manufactured and distributed by our company is designed and equipped with high-quality materials and properties that block harsh UV rays, debilitating sun rays and withstand demanding Australian weather conditions. Awnings are an excellent choice for keeping your family, residents and yourself comfortable.

Our array of tasteful and effective awnings come in several materials, styles and configurations providing our customers the perfect product for their home, which is why many of our awnings offer complete creative freedom using the custom-design option. They are also available in a variety of dimensions and shapes suited to your home.

If you own a patio, terrace or even just a large outdoor area and require shade from the sun, keep reading to find out what types of awnings we offer.

Awnings that Empire Window Furnishings offer

  • Straight drop

    Our straight drop awnings hang in a drop-down motion and provide sufficient sun shade and privacy when outdoors, it is also great on a windy Sydney winter day as it performs well against rain and features a high tear and tensile strength.

    Its aesthetic is sleek, sophisticated and minimalist, however, it is dependent on the style and pattern that you select.

    Perfect for: windows, doorways, undercover areas, or outdoor eateries (for commercial clients)

  • Pivot arm

    Unlike the previous option, our pivot arm awnings allow ample airflow but protect against harsh sun rays, making it perfect for a hot Sydney summer day. Its pivot arm can be angled to an almost vertical position to protect against harsh rainfall and even intense sun. We do not recommend this awning for locations prone to strong winds.

    Perfect for: windows, doors, balconies and patios.

  • Folding arm

    Folding arm awnings are a timeless and elegant option, perfect for harsh sunlight, wind and rain. The folding arms and fabrics can be customised to accentuate any space; including blackout and sunscreen fabrics, it is great for both windows and doors as you can mount the awnings under your existing gutter or eaves using a special bracket. To be further impressed with this product, you can also benefit from wind sensors and motorised operation.

    Perfect for: pool areas, car spaces and outdoor entertainment areas.

  • Cable guide

    Our cable guide awnings are one of our sleekest options – built with robust and premium materials, such as beautiful acrylic and canvas fabrics, allowing their installation to elevate your home’s aesthetic. This configuration protects against UV rays, sunlight and facilitates excellent airflow and privacy, making it perfect for a summer in Sydney. With this configuration, you have the option for the complete floor to ceiling coverage.

    Perfect for: decks, patios, outdoor entertainment areas.

  • Zip screen

    Our zip screens offer protection from any kind of weather element, making it perfect for summer and winter. Its versatility is facilitated by the screen’s designed slotted tracks which allow the blind to glide smoothly and efficiently, stopping at any selected height. To customise the type of protection you want, you can choose the fabric of your screen from: sunblock, light filtration or semi-shade to preserve your view

    Perfect for: any outdoor area

  • Automatic

    Automatic awnings are built robustly with reliable solid steel electroplated side guides and arms ranging from 150mm to 900mm. This awning has arms set off the walls to facilitate airflow and to prevent heat from being trapped. We designed this awning to include a spring-loaded top roller that keeps the awning under constant tension and can also roll back into its head during high winds to prevent it from being damaged. This also improves the lifetime and aesthetic of the roller as it helps maintain a taught, neat look over its lifetime.

    Perfect for: decks and pool areas

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