Control the Light in your Room with Blinds

Home is where you are at peace. It’s not just a place where you sleep at night – it is where you spend half your time as a working professional and most of your childhood as a kid. It’s your spiritual haven and safe house. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be perfect.

For First Time Homeowners

You got the house or apartment that you wanted. You decorated it with all the modern furniture and electronics. But something is still amiss. Adding blinds will help you add finesse to your new home. Blinds are window coverings that are meant to give you control over how much sunlight enters your home.

They come in many different styles and materials. Picking the right one is crucial to how well or how little you want your home be lit. They traditionally come in two styles: horizontal slats and vertical slats – both of which have their advantages.

Materials Used and Grades

Blinds are made from many different materials which include: fabric, wood, faux wood, synthetic blinds, plastic or metal held together by a cord. They can also be made with a cordless style with a remote unit. The materials used can differ in quality which is known as “grades”.

How to Choose Blinds?

Which type of blinds would be perfect for your Window Furnishing, depends on a lot of variables. The shape of the window, how the window opens, the weather, are there children in the house and, of course, what you do for a living – all dictate which type of blind is best for you.

It can all seem overwhelming but follow this guide for the perfect way to light up your home according to your needs.

At the same time repairing these blinds is not that difficult and since it does not require a high degree of dexterity most repair men will only require a nominal fee. Furthermore, these blinds have been designed to resist normal wear and tear, so the chances of the blinds breaking down are very slim. Some of the components that tend to break down after years of continuous use are as follows,

  1. With square windows it is fairly easy to use blinds, but windows with arches above them still allow some light to come in. Arches cannot be covered with blinds.
  2. If the window opens inside, blinds are not the way to go as you cannot have an open window with the closed blinds. However, if the window opens towards the outside, you should use horizontal blinds to control the intensity of the light. For sliding windows you may use either vertical or horizontal blinds according to your own preference.
  3. If you live in a particularly humid area, using wooden or metal blinds might not be the best option. Wood swells and metals rust. You should go for plastic or synthetic blinds
  4. If there are children present in the house it is advisable to consider cordless blinds. These can prevent strangulation plus it looks way cooler to control them with a remote.
  5. If you are a nurse, policeman, doctor or fireman, then blinds can be really helpful with your schedule. You can just block out the sun during the day when you need to sleep.
  6. Choose a mount. It is recommended to go for the inside mount 90% of the time to block more sunlight as it covers the sides of the wall as well.

The different types of blinds available

The most common type is the venetian shutters. You can also get roman blinds which add a visual flair to the room. Honeycomb shades can be very durable and easy to maintain, whereas Shoji blinds can serve as great room dividers.

Store made or custom?

Don’t like the ones you see in the store? Have your blinds custom-made. Choose the measurements, the style and the materials yourself. Blinds come in many different colours and patterns to create the perfect look. Having them custom made might even cost less.


Blinds add to the aesthetics of the room that traditional curtains just couldn’t. Blinds are way more practical than you might have imagined. Heavy blinds do not dance with the wind of the fan, even when the fan is functioning at full speed. Blinds also provide privacy when needed. They stop the glare of the sun when it’s not needed. They become a deterrent for thieves and prying eyes trying to scope the inside of your home.


Although blinds are durable, sometimes maintenance takes more effort than you’re willing to make. Cleaning the blinds can be a hassle as each slat has to be individually cleaned for accumulated dust and materials. Traditional curtains can be put in the machine whereas blinds cannot be.

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