Elevate Your Living Space Style with Cellular Blinds

From roller, roman, and venetian blinds to shutters, shades, curtains, drapes and more – each with their own range of colours, materials, styles and designs to choose from, there are endless options when it comes to window furnishings.

The choices don’t end here though.  From choosing between customised options or standard off the shelf products, to weighing different sizes, and quality of window treatments – purchasing the window treatment of choice which meets all your needs and requirements is nothing short of overwhelming for most homeowners.

Choose Cellular blinds as the ideal window treatment to elevate your living space if you are also facing a similar dilemma.

What are Cellular Blinds?

Cellular blinds, cellular shades, cell blinds, and honeycomb blinds are the various names of the same window treatment. Cellular blinds are window coverings made with a variety of materials that appear as a honeycomb design when viewed from the side.

Cellular blinds are constructed in a way that actually resembles a true honeycomb, with numerous ‘cells’ or pockets which make up the bulk of the window covering.

Benefits of Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are quite popular as a window furnishing option, found and used across Australia – and for good reason. There are a number of benefits of these blinds which include but are not limited to the following:


One of the biggest drawbacks of other conventional window covering options is the monotony that they offer. If you’ve installed roman shades in your room, you’ll be looking at the same pattern of the same cloth for as long as you have those shades installed. It is only when you buy new ones that the look of your living space changes.

The same isn’t necessarily true for cellular shades. They come with a unique bottom-up/top-down feature that allows the homeowner to either lift the shades up when they want, or lower them down to the window sill, as much and as far as they want to – depending on their preference.


Not only do the cellular blinds come in a variety of cell sizes, there are also options of selecting single or double celled blinds – each with an individual effect on the light, privacy and heat insulation the blind offers. For example, if you live in an area with sub zero temperatures, a double cell honeycomb blind would offer more insulation as compared to the single cell counterpart.

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Unlike traditional window covering options, cellular blinds offer increased control over the amount of light filtering into your home. The blinds are available in not one, not two but four varieties of opacity options, giving you greater control over the amount of lighting.

The sheer blinds offer maximum amount of unfiltered natural light to stream through while the semi-sheer blinds have a slightly increased touch of opacity to them. Semi opaque cellular blinds are perfect to keep the harsher rays of sunlight out while still allowing gentle light filtering in the rooms for easy visibility. The opaque cellular blinds, also known as the blackout blinds, allow the homeowner complete room darkening as needed. These work best for bedrooms and home theatres that require no outside source of lighting at all.

Energy Efficiency

The trapped air within the individual cells of the cellular blinds allows homeowners to take advantage of the naturally increased heat retention and insulation within their homes. This significantly cuts back on the energy costs and the need for electric appliances, considerably lowering the home bills.

Cordless Convenience

Along with the other beneficial features, one aspect that really contributes to making cellular blinds as popular as they obviously are is the cordless convenience that they offer. The blinds can easily be operated without the use of operating strings or cords, directly by hand. Pushed upwards or pulled downwards, the blinds will stay exactly where you leave them.

This elevates the safety factor considerably for homes with little children and pets running around at the risk of injuring themselves by getting caught up in long strings or cords.

Aesthetic Appeal

Last but by no means least, cellular blinds offer homes a very structured and modern aesthetic look owing to their honeycomb appearance. Their unique style and design has a significant amount of aesthetic appeal for modern, minimalistic home interiors.

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